Post-Debate Trump Bump And Third-Party Protests


American Voters are saying "Enough Is Enough, Is Enough!"  

If Hillary Clinton loses this election to Trump, all of the blame will fall squarely on the shoulders of the Democratic Party insiders, who failed to put a break-out candidate on the ticket. End of story. 

During the first presidential debate on Monday, Sept. 26 it became obvious that Hillary Clinton was not aimed at charming the 70% of Democratic-voters under age 50, who prefer Bernie Sanders' progressive agenda. She was aimed at courting Republican money and votes, counting on middle-aged women, and minority people of color to cast a vote for "Any Blue" candidate. 

Hillary Clinton made excuses for NAFTA, which rightfully, Donald Trump called the worst trade deal in the history of the USA. But they are BOTH in favor of the endless wars, and fracking. The US Congress has lifted a 60-year ban on US oil exports and we are now EXPORTING US OIL to Scotland!

The Green Party stands for Peace - Planet and People - Not Corporations. #JillNotHill --  

Watch Jill Stein "Debates" Clinton & Trump on Democracy Now! 

Click To Watch - Jill Stein's responses added to the debate.  

Numbers from the "People's Debate"
"Last night, these were the numbers coming in from our various platforms—and numbers are still rising!

Facebook - over 1 million views;
4.3 million reached
Twitter - 2.8 million impressions 9/26;
7.6 million impressions 9/27
RT America (re-post of our livestream) - 100k views; 800k reached
Periscope - 55k views (Twitter representatives say that this quite impressive given that this was the very first time we used Periscope to broadcast a live feed.)

Total number of impressions: approximately 15 million. And still rising!

"If anyone ever needed proof that we're a movement, not just a campaign, social media proves the point. More important, the results show that people are starving for a real choice this year—not the lesser of two evils." - Jill Stein, Sept. 27, 2016.

#OpenTheDebates - 70% of voters say they want more choices because the Democrats and Republicans are doing such a bad job of representing the people! -- Stop suppressing third-party candidates. 


#NeverHillary - #ImWithJill - #GreenNewDeal - #ItsInOurHands - #JillStein2016

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