Medicare Called For Expansion 52 Years Ago

Get the facts: Physicians For A National Health Care Program offer you all the facts on one page about the expanded & improved Medicare for All Act HR676. 

Medicare was always meant to be expanded to every USA citizen. Fifty-two years is long enough to wait. Medicare uses only 6% of it's budget for administrative costs, has the lowest fraud rate and lower procedure costs than any corporate health care insurance plan... which typically spends 25 to 30% of it's budget on administrative costs: massive advertising, $100 million a year CEO's, and massive paperwork designed to deny claims and cancel "non-profitable" policies.

Meanwhile, the USA is ranked #37 among top-40 nations that provide a system of short and long-term care, and protect people from financial ruin due to medical expenses. In fact, more than 600,000 people every year go bankrupt in the USA due to unpaid medical bills, and the majority had "insurance" when they first became sick or injured. Bottom line: 80% of people in nursing homes no longer have any money and the federal government is paying for their care via Medicaid. Is that any way to treat our people?

Supporters of single-payer health care in Sacramento, California
Democratic President Jimmy Carter was a lot more progressive than many of today's Democratic leaders. Our 39th president argued in 1980 for enactment of "an affordable national health plan that will improve Medicare for the elderly, extend protection against catastrophic medical expenses to all of us, improve health coverage for the poor, and provide special benefits to expectant mothers and children in the first years of life."

On July 23, 2017, Jimmy Carter spoke of the necessity for "Medicare For All." His position was underlined by Rose Ann DeMoro, the executive director of the 175,000-member National Nurses United union. Read More Here. 

If you have questions about how Medicare For All - HR676 would affect your health care and the generations of your family, get all the information you need at your fingertips and join the push for national health care at
You can also sign the petition by Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley (who endorsed #BernieSanders for POTUS. He's calling on all people in the USA to demand single-payer health care. Petition to Demand Single-Payer Healthcare 

We need #MedicareForAll 

Demand #NationalImprovedMedicareForAll NOW!

Medicare siempre estaba destinado a ser expandido a todos los ciudadanos de Estados Unidos de América. Cincuenta y dos años es lo suficientemente largo como para esperar.

Demanda #NationalImprovedMedicareForAll AHORA!

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