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Running through the top 100 social media icons @ Twitter, I discovered APlusk (Ashton Kutcher,) the self-proclaimed dreamer-into-action collaborator with more than 4 million followers,  on 21,000 + lists... with who knows how many thousands/millions following his lists.

His "website" link currently points to YouTube's  BlahGirls - allies since the Twitter race to the first million followers... seems like years ago now!

He's up for the 2010 People's Choice Award for Favorite Celeb, January 10th and no doubt will bring his growing millions of Twitter fans with him.

The Ashton Kutcher-produced CW drama "The Beautiful Life" only survived on television last fall for two episodes. Now the show is getting a second and more successful life online... CNN reports (Jan. 5/2010.)

After the show was cancelled, Kutcher's production company Katalyst Films approached YouTube about airing full episodes online. The Beautiful Life is scheduled to run for six months on YouTube and so far the numbers are a good indicator that its popularity will continue to grow.

The five episodes combined have been viewed about 2.7 million times in the three weeks they have been available online in their entirety. The New York City drama about the underbelly of the modeling world pulled in 1.5 million viewers on the CW for its premiere episode and 1 million for the second episode.

Half a million was the goal Kutcher set for the series when he made the executive decision to put it online -- now that is a pleasant under-estimate!


Series gets a second 'Life' on YouTube -
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