Clinton Cash And Why We Must Stop The Oligarchy

If you feel that you, once again, must "vote for the lesser of two evils" --- PLEASE watch this movie "Clinton Cash" and then STOP!    
"God is inviting you to dream: He wants to show you that you can make the world a different place," -- Pope Francis.

"The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any," -- Alice Walker.    

"We are the ones, we have been waiting for," Dr. Jill Stein -   
We have the power to take back Democracy from the Clinton and Bush and Koch's, the Wall Street and global cheap-labor investment crowd.

The Clinton's left office "flat broke and in debt" by $100 million from Hillary's failed 2008 campaign --- So how did they acquire $153 million in personal wealth, while ONLY "Serving The People"? By lifting up a brutal dictator in Africa, by working with war lords to gain access to gold and other resources -- By putting family and supporters in powerful positions in foreign nations, by putting financial supporters on US Government boards. 


Join the movement to Take Back Democracy: Become an informed voter.
Corporate mainstream media is keeping the American voter ignorant!

Here is where you will find the REAL NEWS!
(click the links below to become more informed.)

Democracy Now!   

Ring of Fire - Free   

The Ed Schultz Show 

The Young Turks on YouTube 

BBC News - Study: US is an oligarchy

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