Finally, Bernie Sanders is Calling Out the Democratic Party

Finally! Bernie Sanders is calling out the #DemocraticParty

"The Democratic Party has to reach a fundamental conclusion: Are we on the side of working people or big-money interest?" Senator Sanders said at a rally in Indiana on Thursday.

"Do we stand with the elderly, the children, the sick and the poor? Or do we stand with Wall Street speculators and the drug companies and the insurance companies?"

Senator Elizabeth Warren says, "Banking should be boring." Instead of calling all the shots in Washington D.C., the financial industry should be in place to serve the people: Instead of buying politicians.

Since Bill and Hillary Clinton moved the whole party to the center-right, the Democratic Party has been unclear on core values that used to be the backbone of the party.

"The problem we are having now is not, in my view, that the Republicans are winning elections," Senator Sanders said. "The problem is that the Democrats are losing elections. Sixty-three percent of American voters did not vote in the November midterm-elections of 2014."

80% --- Eighty percent of young people and low-income people did not vote. "And I think the reason for that is the Democratic Party, up until now, has not been clear about which side they are on on the major issues facing the country." --- Bernie Sanders, 5/1/2016.

It is obvious that #HillaryClinton remains the third-way candidate, committed to representing Wall Street and the financial industry, and the multi-national corporations! Her claim that "We have Dodd-Frank" to regulate and oversee banking proves this point. Because every intelligent person looking at Dodd-Frank agrees that it has been watered down by constant lobbying efforts and is almost useless. ------ #BernieSanders is the TRUE DEMOCRAT!

UPDATE 2017 -- Senator Sanders campaigned for open primary elections in all 50 states, and single-payer health care for all people in this country. Those are the two issues that people are still fighting for and uniting around, as the voices of independent voters grow louder. 

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