Here's Who I'm Voting For in November

Looking at the results of the Florida Congressional Primary, and looking ahead to the General Election on Nov. 8th: WARNING!!

The list of recommended candidates includes Greens, a Libertarian, Progressive Democrats and many Independent candidates.

If the Democratic Party does not start backing YOUNG PROGRESSIVE candidates, the party is going to be history. Nationwide, more than 70% of Democratic-voters under age 50 favored Bernie Sanders who was badly, badly treated by establishment insiders, who really should think twice before kicking new-voters to the wayside any time they show up in support of progressive change! There is certainly a #DemExit underway, even in "closed primary" states. 

#GreenIsTheNewBlue is the new hashtag since Hillary Clinton was forced onto the ticket. Most Bernie Sanders supporters will be voting for Jill Stein.

Very, very, very few REAL DEMOCRATS and #Berniecrats won in the Aug. 30th, 2016 Florida Congressional Primary. 

Alan Grayson for US Senate was smeared by much of the party "establishment" and was defeated by former-Republican, Patrick Murphy, a 100% #CorporateDemocrat endorsed by DCCC and President Obama. If you compare the voting records of Grayson vs Murphy, you will see that Florida has lost it's strongest Progressive voice in favor of a candidate, who often votes against the people in favor of his big-money corporate and wealthy donor-base.

IN THE GENERAL ELECTION on Nov. 8th, both (D) Patrick Murphy and (R) incumbent Marco Rubio are being challenged by Paul Stanton, who is running on the Libertarian ticket. Paul is a computer programmer and U.S. Army veteran, who served in Iraq.

As a pro-peace veteran, Paul Stanton led protests against violence and interventionism in Iraq and Afghanistan. At one point, he sued an airport for the right to hand out copies of the Constitution in protest of the use of now-deprecated overly-invasive TSA body scanners. As your Senator, Paul Stanton will continue to fight for peace, liberty and individual empowerment for all Floridians, to preserve the freedoms that are quickly being eroded by corrupt partisan politics.

GENERAL ELECTION CANDIDATE: Tom Wells for US House of Rep-District 3 is a #Berniecrat running as an independent against (D) Ken McGurn and (R) Ted Yoho on Nov. 8th. He self-identifies as a "very liberal, straight-arrow solutions" #NotForSale candidate for the people: 

GENERAL ELECTION CANDIDATE: #Berniecrat Stephanie Murphy bravely stepped up to challenge (R) John Mica for US House of Rep-District 7. Mica has represented District 7, which includes most of Seminole County, the main campus of the University of Central Florida in Orange County, and parts of Deltona in Volusia County, since 1992.

Progressives mostly lost in the state congressional primary
Dena Minning Grayson-US House of Rep-District 9  - (Lost)  
Fatima Rita Fahmy-US House of Rep-District 10  (Lost)
John Chane and John Zuna-US House of Rep-District 18 (Lost)

Tim Canova-US House of Rep-District 23 - lost with 43% of the vote against (resigned) DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, 2008 co-manager of Hillary Clinton's campaign, who recently made a lateral move to help run Clinton's 50-state campaign. It was another bitter loss for Progressives. The district, which Wasserman-Schultz helped to carve out when she was a state lawmaker, includes Broward County and a long sliver of high-income Miami-Dade County voters. The district also includes a large Jewish community.

GENERAL ELECTION CANDIDATE: However, Stephanie Anderson is running as an independent against Wasserman Schultz in the General Election on Nov. 8th 2016. She self-identifies as a "Bernie conservative." As you know, Independent Senator Bernie Sanders turned out a whopping 63% of all registered voters in Vermont, who gave him a 71% re-election victory in 2012. That number included many Republicans, Greens, Independents and Democrats. That kind of voter turnout and issue-based voting is urgently needed on a national basis. (Click Here) To Read More about Stephanie Anderson, who has received commendations for her community activism from two sitting presidents. 

GENERAL ELECTION CANDIDATE: #Berniecrat Alina Valdes-US House of Rep-District 25 is the  brave medical doctor campaigning for medical care as a RIGHT in what is considered a solid "Red" district. More than 800,000 Florida residents, the largest group in the United States, are without medical care in Florida because (R) Gov. Rick Scott rejected the federal expansion of Medicaid for poverty-stricken Floridians. She will be up against (R) incumbent Mario Diaz-Balart on Nov. 8th.

Progressive, Adam Sackrin-US House of Rep-District 27 (Lost)

Florida State Candidates --

Chuck O Neal-FL Senate-District 11 - came close, but lost. [QUOTE] Senator Bracy and I have enjoyed a good relationship together even as we competed for the same office. I have offered to be his Vice Senator and help him establish a legacy as an environmental champion in the Florida Senate. He has agreed to carry our banner in Tallahassee and I encourage you to reach out and support him in that cause.

GENERAL ELECTION CANDIDATE: Linda Stewart-FL Senate-District 13 WON in the primary in a three-way race with 43% of the vote and is ready to take on the (R) Dean Asher. The headline reads, "Linda Stewart walks over Mike Clelland's bankroll to win primary" 

Progressive, Gwyn Clark Reed-FL Senate-District 34 (Lost)                           Progressive, Henry Lim-FL House of Rep-District 47 (Lost)
Progressive, Alex Barrios-FL House of Rep-District 48 (Lost)

GENERAL ELECTION CANDIDATE: #Berniecrat Shea Silverman-FL House of Rep-District 49 is running as an independent on Nov. 8th against a Democrat and Republican .

GENERAL ELECTION CANDIDATE: Ken Keechl-FL House of Rep-District 93 won in the primary with 71% of the vote!  He is running in Broward County in a district familiar to Tim Canova supporters, but his district does not include the long sliver of high-income Miami-Dade voters. If you can help him carry the torch in Broward - Join his campaign:                                 


Here's Why We Are Highly Recommending These Candidates

Chris Flint-Lake County-Supervisor of Elections -- Professional technology experience, leadership skills, and a community-oriented attitude, makes Chris Flint the official Lake County can trust to protect their votes. [QUOTE] The election machines used by Lake County are over 15 years old and in the future they will have to be replaced. As a software developer I am the only candidate that has the technical knowledge to sit across from a company's development and security employees and understand at a technical level what safety precautions they are using to keep our vote safe. My education in computer science also allows me to request intimate details about their proprietary setup through the use of a Non-Disclosure Agreement (it essentially says anything I see I can't discuss with anyone outside who they say), as we have no laws requiring companies to disclose into the public domain how their machines function, a step that I believe would enhance safety in the voting process. It is not uncommon in the software business to allow developers from other companies access to your software for business arraignments and as your Supervisor of Elections I would request that companies allow me to sign. Join his campaign:

Emily Bonilla-Orange County Comm-District-District 5 is still in the race!! - [QUOTE] We did it! Our campaign overcame great odds and we forced a November 8th runoff election with the entrenched incumbent, Ted Edwards. Without your help, we could not have forced the runoff. Big developer and big monied interests support the incumbent. However, our campaign seeks your volunteer help and campaign donations. When the votes were counted on August 31, 2016, in a four person race, we won 28% of the vote HOWEVER 58% voted AGAINST the incumbent. Ted Edwards CAN be defeated in November. Get involved at: 

Maria Bolton-Joubert for Soil & Water, Orange County Dist. 1 - [QUOTE] Please reach out to me if you know of a contaminated body of water or if you have a soil and water related concern for Orange County, Florida: --Thank you in advance!
Learn more:
*Want a yard sign? email me. Thank you.
I'm running for Orange County Soil & Water Supervisor, District 1, in order to ensure the long-term clean water needs for Orange County, to advocate that Orange County become a state leader in renewable energy for increased job growth, to highlight financial savings by converting to low maintenance native plants, and to promote additional community gardens.
*The "District 1" classification to this unpaid position within the County is an arbitrary number/designation for a nonpartisan seat. ANYONE who is a registered voter in Orange County can support and vote for me on the November ballot. Get registered/learn more:

Drew Martin, Palm Beach County Commissioner Seat 3. - Martin is the former Co-Chair of the Everglades Coalition, a coalition of 60 environmental groups nationwide dedicated to restoring and preserving the Everglades. Hosted annual conference attended by the Governor, US Senators and high ranking administration officials. [QUOTE] I am a volunteer for the Sierra Club for the Everglades, Water Quality and Waste Minimization as well as the Conservation Chair of the Loxahatchee Group of the Sierra Club representing Palm Beach, Martin and St. Lucie counties. I was featured in the National 2010 Sierra Club Calendar for my work as Everglades Chair. Join his campaign:

"The American people must make a fundamental decision. Do we continue the 40-year decline of our middle class and the growing gap between the very rich and everyone else, or do we fight for a progressive agenda that creates jobs, raises wages, protects the environment and provides healthcare for everyone as a right? 

"Are we prepared to take on the enormous economic and political power of the billionaire-class, or do we continue to slide into economic and political oligarchy? These are the most important questions of our time, and how we answer them will determine the future of our country." - Bernie Sanders2016.


I was #NeverHillary from Day One, although I have voted for Democrats since 1978. This election year, Senator Sanders proved that the Democratic Party is no longer "the working man's party." 

Cornel West: Why I Endorse Green Party's Jill Stein Over "Neoliberal Disaster" Hillary Clinton. - Jill Stein 2016      

The Green's platform is Bernie's platform. There's no reason why we should support him but not them. Support both, because both stand for what's right. If we get Jill Stein polling at 15%, we can get her into the debates -- so we do not have to listen to the 1%ers bad joke #TrumpVClinton. 
In that sea of evil -- Let's get a voice for the Greater Good on stage to represent us -- the 99%

GET READY TO VOTE: Check your status here. All registered voters are eligible to vote in the General Election on November 8. You can also update your address and ask to receive mail-in ballots:

I checked my voter status, and then called my local Orange County Elections office at 407-836-2070 to update my "absentee" mail-in ballot information. I am all set to receive mail-in ballots through 2018. The ballots are usually mailed to me about 30 days before the election, which gives me time to look over the ballot and do some online research before mailing it back to the elections office.

You can stay up to date on Florida candidates for the US Congress, Florida Senate and Florida House races here: 

For Florida election results go here:

In Orange County, Florida -- you will find the current elections calendar here -- that includes municipal, county, state, congressional, primary and general presidential election dates and voter-polling places:

Be careful of the 2016 Florida Solar Energy Amendments --- The Citizens for Solar Choice Amendment PASSED on Aug. 30th. However, what is commonly referred to as the Florida Power & Light (BAD) Amendment that would limit solar energy in Florida is on the ballot Nov. 8th = VOTE NO!

We are one of just a handful of states that actually makes it illegal for people to install solar panels that produce an excess of solar energy to sell back to the grid. Follow the money and FP&L's huge contributions to our pathetic excuse of a governor and you will know how to vote.

We are stuck with our current (R) Gov. Rick Scott and his Lt. Gov. Carlos Lopez-Cantera, as well as (R) Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi until 2018, when they will all reach their term limits. --- So another exciting year in the future to vote them OUT.

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