Who Killed FDR's New Deal in favor of US-Global Government?

"Who Stole the American Dream" with commentary from Bernie Sanders about the Clinton "New Democrats."   
HEIST. Watch it. 

The makeover of the US government -- from protecting the people to representing the wealthiest people in the USA and the world was a bipartisan effort that involved Republicans and the "New Democrats."

Republican President Ronald Reagan introduced the idea of a "trickle-down" economy that would somehow benefit all Americans by favoring those at the top with massive tax cuts -- But the destruction of the free-press, many social programs and an open-door for massive shifts of wealth to the top 1% via Wall Street investment in foreign labor is equally linked to the Clinton's New Democratic movement that put Corporate Democrats, many of them former Republicans in control of the Democratic Party.

Clinton New Democrats were major players! They deregulated the banks and further eliminated media protection -- and diverted $55 billion in six years from child-welfare and housing programs to build prisons, creating the school-to-prison pipeline, alongside their Republican allies. They lied to the American people about NAFTA and other free-trade agreements that only drove down wages. 

Flash-forward: A New Progressive movement, led by Senators Bernie Sanders and the Congressional Progressive Caucus is rallying the people to fight back against harmful environmental Fracking, KeystoneXL pipeline and more disastrous free-trade agreements.


The 2016 election is "We The People" vs Global Corporations and their Global Billionaire Owners and Investors.  

Hint: The ‪Clintons‬ have amassed $153 million in personal wealth, including very very recent personal gains of $675,000 for three "talks" by Hillary Clinton to the internationally notorious Goldman Sachs banksters!... of course, Clinton REFUSES to #ReleaseTheTranscripts (watch the debate video) of those talks! 

The Clinton Family Foundation has been called an international money laundering organization, which raked in tens of millions from the Saudi, Chinese and Russians while Clinton was US Secretary of State.                                                                                                                                   
‎Progressive Democrats have fought for years for the SOUL of "the working man's party" only to be kicked aside by Clinton-Corporate Democrats.

Florida Progressive Congressman ‪Alan Grayson lost his race for US Senate to a former-Republican (who gave the max personal donation to Romney 2012.) 

Florida Congressional Dist. 23 Tim Canova lost his primary fight AGAINST (recently resigned) Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, one of the most corrupt politicians in the USA.

In Florida - Here are the candidates worth voting for on Nov. 8th.

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