Majority of Americans Favor Single-Payer Healthcare

For-profit health care is a sick and twisted reality that puts sick and injured people and their loved ones at the mercy of mega-corporate profiteers. Our communities all across the USA are suffering from this managed-illness-for-profit system that forces more than 600,000 people into bankruptcy every year. They are then eligible for Medicaid, which currently pay for the care of 4/5 (80%) of the patients in nursing homes. 

Private companies are gambling with our loved ones' lives and legally bribing elected officials so they can continue sucking up individuals' money, as well as massive subsidy money paid by the US Government. 

It's time to end this morally bankrupt practice. For-profit healthcare adds zero to actual quality healthcare -- in fact it's the enemy of quality health care because it's managed to make profit by denying claims and cancelling non-profitable policies aka dumping long-term sick and injured people so the US taxpayer can pick up the bill for end-of-life care. 

The private insurance industry is all about making record profits. We are not a simple profit margin you can collect on like in a store, we are not "for sale". we are human beings, we all have families we are connected to. Which is why we need to move to an expanded and improved single payer medicare for all system. Where everyone wins and no one is left behind. We don't kick our families out we kick the rotten middle man out who is extorting us, the insurance companies, and the big pharmaceutical companies, who have bullied us into the ground. They've corrupted elected officials to the point where they can't do their jobs. It's time to do away with red tape that prevents us from having better health care. 

(Click this link to-) Learn more about HR 676 - The Expanded & Improved Medicare For All Bill.
See which elected lawmakers support Medicare For All. Information & Sign Petition. 

The majority of Americans want single-payer health care. Although no Republican lawmakers currently support HR676, introduced by (D) Rep. John Conyers, Jr. of Minnesota, there is a rising number of Republican-voters, who either strongly support or somewhat support single-payer healthcare (46%) vs Republican-voters strongly or somewhat opposed (38%) and 17% undecided. Meanwhile, 75% of Democrats favor single-payer healthcare.

Medicare Called For Expansion 52 Years Ago

Get the facts: Physicians For A National Health Care Program offer you all the facts on one page about the expanded & improved Medicare for All Act HR676. 

Medicare was always meant to be expanded to every USA citizen. Fifty-two years is long enough to wait. Medicare uses only 6% of it's budget for administrative costs, has the lowest fraud rate and lower procedure costs than any corporate health care insurance plan... which typically spends 25 to 30% of it's budget on administrative costs: massive advertising, $100 million a year CEO's, and massive paperwork designed to deny claims and cancel "non-profitable" policies.

Meanwhile, the USA is ranked #37 among top-40 nations that provide a system of short and long-term care, and protect people from financial ruin due to medical expenses. In fact, more than 600,000 people every year go bankrupt in the USA due to unpaid medical bills, and the majority had "insurance" when they first became sick or injured. Bottom line: 80% of people in nursing homes no longer have any money and the federal government is paying for their care via Medicaid. Is that any way to treat our people?

Supporters of single-payer health care in Sacramento, California
Democratic President Jimmy Carter was a lot more progressive than many of today's Democratic leaders. Our 39th president argued in 1980 for enactment of "an affordable national health plan that will improve Medicare for the elderly, extend protection against catastrophic medical expenses to all of us, improve health coverage for the poor, and provide special benefits to expectant mothers and children in the first years of life."

On July 23, 2017, Jimmy Carter spoke of the necessity for "Medicare For All." His position was underlined by Rose Ann DeMoro, the executive director of the 175,000-member National Nurses United union. Read More Here. 

If you have questions about how Medicare For All - HR676 would affect your health care and the generations of your family, get all the information you need at your fingertips and join the push for national health care at
You can also sign the petition by Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley (who endorsed #BernieSanders for POTUS. He's calling on all people in the USA to demand single-payer health care. Petition to Demand Single-Payer Healthcare 

We need #MedicareForAll 

Demand #NationalImprovedMedicareForAll NOW!

Medicare siempre estaba destinado a ser expandido a todos los ciudadanos de Estados Unidos de América. Cincuenta y dos años es lo suficientemente largo como para esperar.

Demanda #NationalImprovedMedicareForAll AHORA!

Florida Call For 2018 Fair & Open Primaries Election Reform

Steve Hough is leading a Florida Fair and Open Primaries campaign for top-two nonpartisan primaries. His group is working to get a state constitutional amendment on the 2018 ballot to "fix" the terrible closed primary system that currently locks out 3.1 million independent voters in Florida, and seriously suppresses the voices of young people. Please add your name to the petition.

Nationally, 48% of next-generation voters (age 18 to 35) are not affiliated with a political party and do not like party-politics. - NPR, Feb. 28, 2016.

Every 20 years, Florida convenes the Constitution Revision Commission. It’s a group of 37 political appointees that have the power to put constitutional amendments before the voters in 2018. Coming on the heels of the most destructive and divisive presidential campaigns ever, it’s a welcome opportunity for Floridians to demand the commission help fix our broken elections.

Despite very little notice of the commission hearings, Floridians are packing rooms to speak their minds. In fact, the commission had to move several meetings to larger rooms to accommodate the large crowds.
One of the key topics cited by dozens of speakers: getting rid of the horrible closed primary system that locks out over a quarter of our registered voters and forces politicians to cater to a small fraction of the electorate during the primary, where the majority of races are actually decided. These primary voters are often the most ideologically extreme in both major parties.
A closed primary suppresses the vote of people, who do not like political party-politics. Independent voters want to vote for the person, not the political machine behind the politician. They want the candidate to be beholding to "we the people" not the Democrats or Republicans, and the often politically corrupting party system. 

Now more than ever, Florida needs to shift to open primary elections in order to accommodate the rapidly growing number of independent voters that are now a larger group of voters nationally than the Democrats or Republicans: 39% of all voters now identify themselves as "independent" rather than affiliated with one of the two major political parties, according to a 2014 analysis by the Pew Research Center, compared to 32% Democrats and 23% Republicans. 

Millennial (18 to 33-year-old) voters are 48% Independents vs 28% Democrats or 18% Republicans. This growing number is especially true in Colorado, Arizona and Florida. Unfortunately, because Florida has CLOSED primary elections, it is also true that potential voters are being punished for not joining a political party at least 30 days before every primary election.

Read More: NPR, Feb. 28, 2016 

A huge influx of Puerto Rican voters is only compounding the problems associated with getting people to register with a party-affiliation or change their party affiliation 30 days before primary elections. Puerto Rican voters are not registered as members of the Democratic or Republican parties. They are used to voting independently for candidates represented by a dozen or more political parties.  

In 2014, there were more than 300,000 people from Puerto Rico living in Central Florida, with an estimated 100 families coming to Florida every week, due to the failed economy of Puerto Rico. 

BernieSanders campaigned for OPEN Primary elections in all 50 states in 2016. 

Florida, unfortunately is a CLOSED primary state, which means voters must register "Democrat" or "Republican" at least 29 days before the primary in order to vote for a candidate affiliated with the Democrats or Republicans... even though taxpayer money is used to pay for the elections, and third-party candidates have not stood a chance to win against the big-money politicians. 

Let's face it: The "Closed" primary system is what keeps the party-system in power instead of the people. But you can do something about this. 

Please sign the petition and pledge to support a Florida Constitutional Amendment calling for Open Primary Elections: Sign Petition. 

Thousands of people have written to the Constitution Revision Commission (CRC.) Send your support letter of 2,000 words or less to

You can also visit the CRC website for public hearings and public updates. Look for public hearings at: