There Is No "Fix" For Obamacare: We Need Medicare For All

Americans are waking up to the fact that there is no "fix" for Obamacare because, in the end, every legislative plan that is based on paying tens of billions of dollars directly to insurance corporations in the form of subsidies is not "helping" the people of the USA. 

The taxpayer basically picks up the bill for everyone's end-of-life care, after the corporations drive 600,000 people a year into medical bankruptcy. Look at the statistics: 4/5 people in nursing homes are charity cases, paid for by Medicaid after they no longer have any money for "health care insurance." 

Canada and the UK are not "socialist" countries, but they do have national health care systems in place that negotiate the prices of prescription drugs and medical procedures, instead of putting their citizens at the mercy of greed-motivated corporations every time they become sick or injured. 

We will not become a "socialist" nation by organizing and implementing a single-payer health care system in the USA -- 130 million Americans already benefit from some form of federal medical program:Medicare, Medicaid or Healthy Children. We simply need to expand who can sign up for Medicare and be finished with these blood-sucking health insurance corporations.

Medicare has 9% administrative costs. The insurance industry spends a minimum of 20% of everyone's premium on administrative costs. Before "Obamacare" this administration fee often topped 40%. Now there is a formula in place that requires the insurance corporations to pay out at least 80% of the premium cost to health care providers, or else share a portion of the excessive admin costs back to their customers in the form of small refund checks. 

These companies do not add anything to the quality of our health care. They only take away money that should be paid out to actual medical providers. Their money goes to $100 million a year CEO's, political campaign donations / aka bribery, and of course massive TV, magazine, internet and radio advertising. 

What a waste of our "health care" dollars! This is a big reason why Americans pay 50% higher health care costs compared to other top-40 nations on everything from prescription drugs to hospital stays. The fact that the federal government directly pays subsidies to big pharma corporations is not helping the people of the USA -- in fact there is a lot of harm being done. We are a very over-medicated country. 

And everything in this country that involves any form of "health care" is all wrapped up in paperwork, aimed at denying claims to boost investment profits, and aimed at cancelling non-profitable policies so the federal government programs will step in and pay for costly end-of-life care for all of us, except the billionaires.

The major TV networks count on this massive advertising. But the people, powered by the Internet are spreading the word and people all across the USA are warming up to the idea introduced by Senator Bernie Sanders: Improving and expanding Medicare for everyone. 

Trump's Approval Rating Higher Than GOP and DEMs

Sept. 25, 2017 -- The American people in the latest ABC News/Washington Post Poll gave higher marks of approval to President Donald Trump, compared to members of the US Congress -- both Democrats and Republicans scored lower approval ratings. 

The GOP scored the lowest ratings: a mere 22% of voters polled said they think the Republicans are doing a good job, compared to 35% of the Democrats. President Trump scored a 39% approval rating. The majority of people polled disapprove of what Trump, and both parties are doing. 

In a separate breakout, ABC reported that Rep. Paul Ryan has a higher approval rating than other Republicans in congress, as US House majority leader. 

Source: ABC News (watch the news video)

Majority of Americans Favor Single-Payer Healthcare

For-profit health care is a sick and twisted reality that puts sick and injured people and their loved ones at the mercy of mega-corporate profiteers. Our communities all across the USA are suffering from this managed-illness-for-profit system that forces more than 600,000 people into bankruptcy every year. They are then eligible for Medicaid, which currently pay for the care of 4/5 (80%) of the patients in nursing homes. 

Private companies are gambling with our loved ones' lives and legally bribing elected officials so they can continue sucking up individuals' money, as well as massive subsidy money paid by the US Government. 

It's time to end this morally bankrupt practice. For-profit healthcare adds zero to actual quality healthcare -- in fact it's the enemy of quality health care because it's managed to make profit by denying claims and cancelling non-profitable policies aka dumping long-term sick and injured people so the US taxpayer can pick up the bill for end-of-life care. 

The private insurance industry is all about making record profits. We are not a simple profit margin you can collect on like in a store, we are not "for sale". we are human beings, we all have families we are connected to. Which is why we need to move to an expanded and improved single payer medicare for all system. Where everyone wins and no one is left behind. We don't kick our families out we kick the rotten middle man out who is extorting us, the insurance companies, and the big pharmaceutical companies, who have bullied us into the ground. They've corrupted elected officials to the point where they can't do their jobs. It's time to do away with red tape that prevents us from having better health care. 

(Click this link to-) Learn more about HR 676 - The Expanded & Improved Medicare For All Bill.
See which elected lawmakers support Medicare For All. Information & Sign Petition. 

The majority of Americans want single-payer health care. Although no Republican lawmakers currently support HR676, introduced by (D) Rep. John Conyers, Jr. of Minnesota, there is a rising number of Republican-voters, who either strongly support or somewhat support single-payer healthcare (46%) vs Republican-voters strongly or somewhat opposed (38%) and 17% undecided. Meanwhile, 75% of Democrats favor single-payer healthcare.