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It's time to register to #Vote #Democrat in the Primary Elections that start on Feb.1st 2016. ----- #FeelTheBern

Because I don't want to watch a #Billionaire burn America to the ground!

Because caring for one another shouldn't be an extreme political position.

It's time to join the people's campaign at BernieSanders.com. 

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FINALLY -- There is a Democratic Candidate for President, who fully supports a $15 minimum wage!
 U. S Senator Bernie Sanders 2016. 

The election that counts this year is the PRIMARY ELECTION. #FightFor15  --- So, we have less than six months to make everyone in the USA aware, organized and ready to #VOTE to elect a president, who is NOT SOLD OUT TO #BILLIONAIRES! 

Because STUDENTS --- should not be profit-generating US GOV CUSTOMERS.
Student debt just went up another $100 Billion because the US Congress will not let students refinance their 9% and 12% student loans, even though the Wall Street banks have been getting money at ZERO interest and refinancing homes at 2% and 3%.

The People's Campaign led by Senator Sanders demands that the United States end the international embarrassment of being the only nation in the Western World that does not guarantee a paid family maternity leave. --- How do we do that?

We commit to "Real Family Values" as a nation. Read More.

#Sanders2016 - Silicon Valley, CA 

The Working Class and Middle Class are being crushed in an economy that funnels 95% of all new growth wealth directly to the top 1% via investment in foreign labor manufacturing and mega-corporate profiteering --- It's not an accident. 

The whole US Government System is RIGGED!

The People's Campaign led by Senator Sanders demands that Congress tax Wall Street to pay for tuition-free college for students. It's called the Robinhood Tax.

 --- The #1 Reason to vote for Bernie Sanders is to DEMAND that we move to PUBLIC-FUNDED ELECTIONS.

#WinBernieWin  ---- FeelTheBern.org

Europe Calls Donald Trump A Crass, Racist Bully

Casino - Time Share, "Trump Real-Estate University" Billionaire Donald Trump is Europe's Entertainment.

The American voter has four basic options in the 2016 Presidential race: 

1. Vote for a crass, puffed up #Billionaire. --- "Trump personifies everything the rest of the world despises about America: casual racism, crass materialism, relentless self-aggrandizement, vulgarity on an epic scale," says Paul Thomas in the New Zealand Herald. " The fact that so many Republicans are comfortable with the thought of this monumentally unqualified man in the Oval Office shows how warped the Party has become." 

2. Vote for GOP candidates and their selected puppet-master #Billionaires --- primarily the #Koch oil/coal/fracking billionaires, ready to pump $899 million into GOP elections! (more than either national party!) 

 -- or perhaps one of the #Republican candidates, who has sold out to a privatized prisons #Billionaire  -- or a casino mogul, who owns a top Israeli newspaper. 

3. Vote for Hillary Clinton, who is entirely sold out to the Wall Street #GoldmanSachs "too big to be jailed" banksters --- the high-casino investment/insurance/banking conglomerates that crashed the US and WORLD economy in 2008! The same bunch that "helped" Greece hide some of it's debt so it could enter the Eurozone, but DOUBLED the Greek national debt in the process. (Consumer be ware?)

The Wall Street banksters currently funnel 95% of all new growth money directly to the top 1% via investments in foreign labor manufacturing and mega-corporate investment. And although they sometimes get caught illegally manipulating world currency markets -- or laundering drug cartel money -- or illegally foreclosing on millions of home mortgages -- They pay "settlements" to the US Government! -- No jail time.

Many Democrats and Republicans are also propped up by the #Monsanto GMO seed monopoly and bundled money from for-profit privatized prisons. 

But what you get when you vote for #Republicans and #Democrats backed by #Billionaires is the same-old same-old,  politicians with a history of ignoring the voters and paying attention to their big-money donors, who are expecting more tax cuts and "return on investment" opportunities that are usually not good in any way for the working and middle class voters. 

OR -- 4. Vote for the liberal revolutionary Bernie Sanders, who is riding an updraft of insurgent passion in Iowa to within 7 points of Clinton in Iowa -- and who is leading in New Hampshire. Why? --- Because he is leading a grassroots people's movement to take back Democracy from the #Billionaire Class. It's a people's campaign, fueled by 400,000 donations from real live people --- NOT BILLIONAIRES!

Want to learn more about the issues, such as Health Care? 
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-- $$ Highly Doubtful that Donald Trump will "Make America Great Again" -- considering that he is a ruthless #Billionaire himself, willing to wage racist attacks against competitors in order to sway public opinion to his advantage. 

Case in point --  Donald Trump bankrolled a phony "institution" to throw mud at the St. Regis Mohawk Nation, back in 2000 because they were planning to open casinos in Upstate New York that would compete with his time share resorts and casinos.

Advertising attributed to the "New York Institute for Law and Society" showed drug paraphernalia and asked "Is this what you want coming to your neighborhoods?"

The Mohawk Nation responded with their own ads denouncing the scam institute, which brought the issue to the New York lobbying commission. In a settlement with the state, Trump "agreed to pay a fine and run a set of ads apologizing, not for the content of the anti-Mohawk ads, but for evading state disclosure rules related to lobbying and political advocacy." --- New York Times, Aug. 1, 2015.   

He never apologized for his racist portrayal of the Mohawk Nation. 

In January 2008, after more than a decade of planning, the tribe's proposed $600 million, 766,000-sq.ft. casino was canceled by then-Secretary of the Interior Dirk Kempthorone of the Republican-Bush administration. - Read More

Who Will Solve Mass-Incarceration and Health Care?

Then-Senator Joe Biden scored a career-defining victory in 1994, when he managed to shepherd get-tough-on-crime legislation through Congress for the Clinton administration. 
"Hillary and I both feel a special indebtedness for the friendship and the leadership of Joe Biden," Bill Clinton said during a November 1994 campaign rally in Wilmington, Del., the evening before the midterm elections. "Without him, there would have been no crime bill this year. And because of him, lives will be saved and children will grow up safer and this country will be a less violent place in the years ahead. We are in his great and abiding debt."

In 1991, Bernie Sanders spoke out against stronger prison sentences.

Crime, Punishment, and Poverty

Biden's bill put over 100,000 new cops on the street and spent $9.7 billion on the construction of new prisons. The wide-ranging bill implemented a host of liberal policies, including an assault weapon ban and the Violence Against Women Act. But it also expanded the number of crimes that qualify as death penalty cases, encouraged states to keep inmates locked in jail, criminalized gang membership, eliminated Pell Grants for inmates, and put in place mandatory drug testing for people on supervised release. States had to implement policies that greatly reduced opportunities for parole in order to qualify for the new prison funding. ----- Mother Jones (Aug. 7, 2015)
Suddenly, a much larger population of young people began arriving at prisons to serve mandatory, long sentences on drug-related charges. They also came mostly from low-income families, unable to hire a private attorney.
As the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Biden played a major role in passing mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines; and he created the position of "drug czar," a key step in the continued "war on drugs" initiated during the Reagan Republican administration.
It must have been a little awkward when his son, Hunter failed a drug test and was booted from the military. If Biden's son had actually been caught in possession of a small bag of cocaine, he might have gone to prison for 87 months, which is the average federal sentence for drug possession. ---- Mother Jones (Oct. 17, 2014)
The Republican Party candidates for president appear to have zero interest in prison reform, and most of their big-ticket campaign donors include money from prison mega-corporations. Hillary Clinton's campaign has also taken money from the prison industry.

Presidential candidate, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders is on the record for saying he would end the war on drugs --- and put a stop to privatized for-profit-prisons. He has also introduced legislation to reinstate federal-education Pell Grants for inmates. 
After interrupting a couple of his speeches to emphasize the urgency of racism and racial injustice, several prominent voices in the Black Lives Matter movement are now pleased with Senator Sanders' comprehensive racial justice platform.
The platform focuses on different forms of violence against people of color in the United States: physical violence from law enforcement and extremist vigilantes, the political violence of voter suppression, the legal violence of the War on Drugs and mass incarceration, and the economic violence of crushing poverty. 

"We must commit ourselves to a multiracial political revolution," says Symone Sanders, the voice of Bernie Sanders' national campaign.

Senator Sanders spoke directly to residents of Charleston, SC on Aug. 22, 2015, two months after a racially-motivated young person sat down with members of a congregation in a historically black church, prayed with them and then murdered nine of them. 

"This campaign is about bringing people together," Sanders told a crowd that often rose to their feet to cheer his message. "Because when you bring the middle class and working class together, when you bring white and black and Hispanic, Native-American, men and women, straight and gay, native-born and immigrants -- When we bring our people together there is nothing that can stop the people from reforming this country."

The idea of a single-payer health care system that eliminates insurance companies by way of an expansion of Medicare for all drew a very positive response. "The day for insurance companies has come and gone," he said. "Health care should be a right in this country, and not a privilege." 

Sanders' campaign lays out several proposals to address racism, and the many forms of racial injustice that exist in the United States. He advocates passing "ban the box" laws to prevent hiring discrimination; an end to the "war on drugs" and for-profit prisons. He would also restore the gutted protections of the 1965 Voting Rights Act.

On the other side of the spectrum, Republican candidate Gov. Scott Walker offered only vague arguments for more police training and unnamed "consequences" if they cross the line on the use of force. "I think in general, if anyone focuses on racial discord we're going to get more," he said during the first Republican presidential candidate debates.

Given any opportunity, all GOP candidates would repeal the Patient Protection, Affordable Care Act -- commonly known as Obamacare, and none of them would contemplate a national health care system to address the 40 million people, who would be left without health care.

Hillary Clinton has talked about police brutality, and acknowledged the need for change but has not offered any solutions. Clinton has committed her support to "Obamacare" that offers tax credits to subsidize the growing costs of health care insurance.

Dr. Ben Carson, the only African-American running for president, largely dismissed the Black Lives Matter movement, calling it "silly" and warned against getting "caught up in all the divisive rhetoric and terminology and political correctness."

The most vocal of the Republican candidates, Donald Trump said he would "give the police more power."