"Inside Job" Documentary Wants Banksters Jailed

The World is in the hands of a very few elite, who make the laws that favor huge profits for the wealthy at the expense of the other 99% of the world's population - according to the 2011 Academy Award's Best Documentary Film, "Inside Job."

Financial power mongers pulled the perfect inside bank job, and no one has gone to jail... yet.

"During the Bush years, the wealthiest 400 Americans saw their wealth increase by some $400 billion. #OWS  "  - tweeted US Senator Bernie Sanders @SenatorSanders on Oct. 15, 2011.

Alan Greenspan (Chairman of the Federal Reserve 1987 to 2006) said recently that he made a mistake. He trusted the bankers to act in the best interest of their clients. But the financial district was not acting responsibly. The investment bankers were playing hard and loose with client money, while insuring their own investments to make money when the "risky bundles" failed... which crashed the #99%'s retirement investments, jobs, mortgages etc. here in the United States and caused a global financial crisis. When the dust settled the big banks that were "too big to fail" had become fewer, and they were bigger and they were back to business as usual thanks to help from the Federal Reserve Bank a.k.a. the American Taxpayer.

This crisis happened because the Depression Era Glass-Steagal Act was removed by a Republican majority congress that freed the bankers to get away with this criminal sh*t. What followed was Neoliberalism: A worldwide takeover by globalized corporations that spiked the wealth of the %1 while drastically reducing the quality of life for the other 99%.  They knew exactly what they were doing and they should've never been bailed out. They should have gone to prison for life. At the very least, the New York Federal Reserve Bank should be audited and banking regulations should be put BACK into place. These are key demands being expressed by the people who #OccupyWallStreet.

This is what the American Dream has become in 2011.
Who is suffering from neoliberalism? - Children, the disabled and elderly, the working poor and middle class, and students: The other 99% of us included in the 50 million people without health care and 16 million long-term unemployed in the USA.

In stark contrast: CEO pay has skyrocketed 300% since 1990. Corporate profits have doubled. Average "production worker" pay has increased 4% and the minimum wage has dropped. (All numbers adjusted for inflation).

Pullitzer prize-winning author and journalist Chris Hedges in Time Square, New York City, where tens of thousands of people assembled on a global day of action 10/15/2011. Chris shares his feelings on where the #Occupy movement came from and where it is heading.

Occupy Wall Street is a people powered movement that began on September 17, 2011 in Liberty Square in Manhattan’s Financial District, and has spread to over 100 cities in the United States and actions in over 1,500 cities globally. #OWS is fighting back against the corrosive power of major banks and multinational corporations over the democratic process, and the role of Wall Street in creating an economic collapse that has caused the greatest recession in generations.The movement is inspired by popular uprisings in Egypt, Tunisia, Spain, Greece, Italy and the UK, and aims to expose how the richest 1% of people who are writing the rules of the global economy are imposing an agenda of neoliberalism and economic inequality that is foreclosing our future. - #OccupyWallStreet.
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