Affordable Health Care a "Dream" for Many in USA

NY Times photo - Pamela Garland, a retired corrections officer in Lincoln, Neb., found herself uninsured with a cancer diagnosis in February. No one would cover her, and after 44 years of marriage, she and her husband, Norman, even considered divorce so Mrs. Garland, who is 63, could qualify for Medicaid.
People with "pre-existing conditions" are praying for Affordable Health Care. "Unpaid medical expenses" are a top reason why people WITH insurance go bankrupt! We have to start somewhere to get anywhere with insurance reform. Private insurance is beyond the reach of 50 million people and is no longer a job benefit due to climbing costs. Why should a whole population be at the mercy of CEO's in the medical industry that take $40 to $100 million annual earnings right off the top and pay bonus money to employees who "deny claims"? We pay more than any country in the world for "health care" but it is little more than illness management. The quality of our health care is ranked 38 by World Health Organization, two notches above Cuba. You have to start somewhere and keep pushing for MORE REFORM not less. 

If the mandate that everyone buy coverage is struck down, the Obama administration and the insurance industry say that the protection for people with pre-existing conditions should be, too. If the ailing pile is without the larger pool of healthy people, premiums would skyrocket, insurers say.  New York Times - Those already ill have huge stake in health ruling.
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