Pope Francis Is Taking Back Jesus!

While the US House & Senate are lucky to break into 10% approval from the people,  Pope Francis has skyrocketing approval ratings from people around the world, and the nearly full support of Catholics! 

There is no doubt going into 2014 that the #GOP - Republican Party is fully bought-and-paid for by greedy global corporations and here's the Pope in their face -- Taking back Jesus! 

Pope Francis is standing up against the Jesus-with-a-gun "Patriot" soldier Christian image that was branded by George W. Bush in his run to become the 43rd president of the United States -- an election he won with overwhelming support from "Evangelical Christians." 

Many people around the world use the words "war criminals" when they refer to the former president and his vice president, Dick Cheney because they lied to the American people, gave a no-bid contract worth $138 Billion to Cheney's company, Halliburton... and then invaded IRAQ in response to a terrorist attack that did not in any way involve anyone from Iraq. 

Pope Francis is the leader of the world's largest church, representing 17% of the world's population in nearly every country of the world. 

Pope Francis is quick to emphasize that Jesus was a humble man, who said "Love" is being for the others, expecting nothing in return -- a holy man who walked and ate and lived among the poor -- a man who served the least of mankind as a tribute to his creator.

I hope the re-branding of a sharing & caring Jesus really goes viral in 2014!

Pope Francis shared his blessings to the world on Christmas Day, calling on Catholics to work together with non-Catholics, as well as non-believers to bring about world peace.

VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Francis used his year-end prayer service on New Year's Eve to urge people to ask themselves a tough question: Did they mainly spend 2013 promoting self-interests or helping others?
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