#FeelTheBern: The People's Campaign

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It's time to register to #Vote #Democrat in the Primary Elections that start on Feb.1st 2016. ----- #FeelTheBern

Because I don't want to watch a #Billionaire burn America to the ground!

Because caring for one another shouldn't be an extreme political position.

It's time to join the people's campaign at BernieSanders.com. 

Join the people's movement at The People For Bernie Sanders

FINALLY -- There is a Democratic Candidate for President, who fully supports a $15 minimum wage!
 U. S Senator Bernie Sanders 2016. 

The election that counts this year is the PRIMARY ELECTION. #FightFor15  --- So, we have less than six months to make everyone in the USA aware, organized and ready to #VOTE to elect a president, who is NOT SOLD OUT TO #BILLIONAIRES! 

Because STUDENTS --- should not be profit-generating US GOV CUSTOMERS.
Student debt just went up another $100 Billion because the US Congress will not let students refinance their 9% and 12% student loans, even though the Wall Street banks have been getting money at ZERO interest and refinancing homes at 2% and 3%.

The People's Campaign led by Senator Sanders demands that the United States end the international embarrassment of being the only nation in the Western World that does not guarantee a paid family maternity leave. --- How do we do that?

We commit to "Real Family Values" as a nation. Read More.

#Sanders2016 - Silicon Valley, CA 

The Working Class and Middle Class are being crushed in an economy that funnels 95% of all new growth wealth directly to the top 1% via investment in foreign labor manufacturing and mega-corporate profiteering --- It's not an accident. 

The whole US Government System is RIGGED!

The People's Campaign led by Senator Sanders demands that Congress tax Wall Street to pay for tuition-free college for students. It's called the Robinhood Tax.

 --- The #1 Reason to vote for Bernie Sanders is to DEMAND that we move to PUBLIC-FUNDED ELECTIONS.

#WinBernieWin  ---- FeelTheBern.org

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