The Pope is Taking Back Jesus - In America

Pope Francis and Senator Bernie Sanders have been speaking the language of the people -- expressing concerns about the environment and the economy and calling for solutions -- and their approval ratings are soaring.... while the US Congress has been ignoring these concerns and they are lucky if they can raise their collective approval rating above single digits.

The Pope Is taking back jesus -- In America

Pope Francis has been speaking from Rome, and from other parts of the world, but now he is bringing his message to America. 

The Pope has begun a 10-day tour that started in Cuba. He is visiting New York and Washington D.C. -- But his main focus will be a World Meeting of Families Congress, Sept. 22 - 27 in Philadelphia.

Parallel to the Pope's visit, Senator Sanders was warmly received last week, when he visited Jerry Falwell's Liberty University in West Virginia, sounding very much like Pope Francis in his address to the student body, referencing a call to feed the hungry and house the homeless and take care of the children living in poverty in the USA.

Possibly the most liberal candidate for president since John F. Kennedy, Senator Sanders strives to speak, not only to liberal-minded supporters but also to people, who consider themselves to be "conservatives." He has found support among both groups, who are fed up with "establishment politics" that fail to address income inequality, adequate health care, education and environmental concerns.

While the US Congress is lucky to break into a 10% approval rating with the people, Pope Francis has skyrocketing approval ratings, even among liberals and atheists

There is no doubt that the #GOP - Republican Party a.k.a. "Greed Over People" is fully bought-and-paid for by the #Billionaires and their multinational corporations... then here's a Pope in their face in 2013 --- Taking back Jesus!

Pope Francis is standing up against the Jesus-with-a-gun "Patriot" soldier Christian image that was branded by George W. Bush in his run to become the 43rd president of the United States -- an election he won with overwhelming support from "Evangelical Christians."

Many people around the world use the words "war criminals" when they refer to the former president and his vice president, Dick Cheney because they lied to the American people, gave a no-bid contract worth $138 Billion to Cheney's company, Halliburton... and then invaded Iraq in response to a terrorist attack that did not in any way involve anyone from Iraq.

In 2012, the Republican National Presidential Convention was in Tampa, Florida. The last Republican President, G.W. Bush did not attend, and the Republican (Tea-Party) Governor of Florida was also mysteriously unable to attend. (R) Presidential candidate Mitt Romney was defeated and Democratic President Barack Obama was re-elected for a second term.

Senator Sanders launched a "people's campaign" for the presidency in April 2015 and by July he was able to draw crowds of 10,000 to 28,000 across the country. He has became the Democratic front-runner in both Iowa and New Hampshire.

His biggest challenger for the Democratic nomination is Hillary Clinton, the wife of a two-term president, who was defeated in 2008 by President Obama. 

She is once again waging a campaign from the center-right of the Democratic Party, against a more-liberal progressive candidate.

Hillary gets a huge chunk of money from the Wall Street bankers that Bernie Sanders intends to tax in order to pay for tuition-free college. He also intends to let students refinance high-interest US Government student loans. 

The two candidates could not be more different. Sanders is against the TransPacific Partnership trade agreement and against the Keystone XL pipeline, reasons that the largest nurses' union decided to endorse him. 

He is also endorsed by Friends of the Earth-US, one of the largest environmental groups in the country -- affiliated with 57 countries worldwide. He wants Monsanto GMO seed monopoly to at least agree to label GMO products. His home state, Vermont has mandatory labeling. Hillary has worked for Monsanto in the past and has spoken in favor of GMO products.

These are the differences that will be discussed at the Democratic Presidential Debates that begin the evening of Oct. 13, 2015 on CNN.

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