Bernie Sanders Opening More State Offices

The American voter is completely fed up with insider politics in Washington DC that over the last 40 years has stood by and let the Middle Class evaporate, and continues to help the 1% capture 95% of all new growth income by way of foreign labor manufacturing and investment in mega-corporations that avoid paying their fair share of taxes.

With official offices in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, and citizen volunteers working in all 50 states -- Bernie Sanders took the lead in both Iowa and New Hampshire in September and began officially organizing in Super Tuesday states. He is now moving into a more grassroots phase of the campaign -- speaking to smaller crowds in senior centers and at office openings, and in backyard gatherings to encourage the effort being made to register voters to ensure high-voter turnout in the all-important Democratic Primary Elections.

The American voter is rejecting "establishment politics!"

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders does not take money from Super PACS! and is ready to lead this country away from Corporate-owned politics. 

This week, Hillary Clinton's campaign announced a plan to get money out of politics -- Ironic, since her campaign earlier this year announced it was planning to raise a record two billion dollars under the Super PAC system allowed by Citizens United.

If she truly wanted to get money out of politics, she should have started with her own campaign and followed the example being set by Bernie Sanders, who refuses to accept Super PAC money.

Sanders vows to "bring good people into the White House," who are dedicated to the environment, and dedicated to creating a better environment for the working class and middle class.    

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