Debate #1 --- What Bernie Would Do

"We need to go in an entirely different direction," #Sanders2016.

TAX Wall Street - use the money to pay for tuition-free college, and make it possible to refinance high-interest student debt (DUH!!!!) --- That's what AMERICAN VOTERS want to do! #FeeltheBern. $1 trillion to rebuild our 1950's railway, bridges and roadways and transform America away from fossil fuel (vs $4 trillion already spent on WAR and a $600 BILLION annual "defense" budget.)

Bernie vs Hillary -- would not "wait to see what states do." He would de-criminalize marijuana because too many kids are going to jail.

Bernie --- "Health Care should be a right - not a privilege! It's an international embarrassment that the USA is the only major nation that does not guarantee paid family leave for a mother and family to be with their newborn baby." #BerniesaiditFIRST! -- others give this lip service.

Bernie --- is for Single Payer Health Care/ Medicare For All

Bernie vs Hillary --- would END for-profit private prisons (that are Hillary fundraisers.)

Bernie vs Hillary --- 200 economists agree with Bernie's $15 minimum wage plan. and his #FightFor15 ... he is also STRONG UNION.

Bernie vs Hillary -- would BREAK UP the "too big to fail" and "too big to jail" Wall Street (global) investment banks and re-instate banking regulations that prevent high-stakes high-risk investing with depositor money (that are Hillary's top 10 donors to the tune of half-million "contributions" each.)

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