On The Issues ----- Sanders vs Clinton

Bernie Sanders On the Issues:
"The American people must make a fundamental decision. Do we continue the 40-year decline of our middle class and the growing gap between the very rich and everyone else, or do we fight for a progressive economic agenda that creates jobs, raises wages, protects the environment and provides health care for all? Are we prepared to take on the enormous economic and political power of the billionaire class, or do we continue to slide into economic and political oligarchy? These are the most important questions of our time, and how we answer them will determine the future of our country." ---- Bernie Sanders -- http://berniesanders.com/issues/

Possibly the most liberal candidate for president since John F. Kennedy, Senator Bernie Sanders strives to speak, not only to liberal-minded supporters but also to people, who call themselves "conservatives." He has found support among both groups, who are fed up with "establishment politics" that fail to address income inequality, adequate health care, education, jobs, mass-incarceration, police brutality and environmental concerns.

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