From Puerto Rico with Love in the South Bronx with Rosario Dawson, Spike Lee, Residente and Bernie Sanders

From ‪#‎PuertoRico‬ with LOVE in the ‪#‎SouthBronx‬ with Rosario Dawson, Spike Lee and Residente!!
introducing Bernie Sanders on Thurs., 3/31/2016.

"SHAME ON YOU HILLARY" said New York, Latino actress Rosario Dawson

Stop telling us that all Donald Trumps followers are racists.
Stop telling us that all Bernie Sanders followers are white.

Stop telling us that Bernie is dismissive of women, and only supported by young people. It's divisive. What is your goal? People can vote for who they want to vote for.
Trump is getting $1.9 Billion worth of free media. Bernie has gotten about $321 million and most of that has been with a lot of eye-rolling and saying that he should be dismissed and out of the equation. What is the goal? They want you to vote against Trump, and they want you to forget about Bernie Sanders, she said.
"But I can vote for whoever I want," said Dawson. "This is the primary so I can vote for Bernie Sanders, who can draw a crowd that makes me dizzy with happiness and love and acceptance. I don't have to vote for the lesser of two evils."
Then she laid out some beautiful images of true New Yorkers, untied to share their perishables when the lights went out after 9/11 -- True New Yorkers able to enjoy being able to see the stars because the lights were out. True New Yorkers, marching in the streets against bailing out the Wall Street banks because they knew the people needed to be bailed out, not the banks. 

Hillary had a much smaller rally in Harlem today, and she did not mention how she looked the other way, never saying anything about the millions of people (90% of them completely innocent,) who were stopped and frisked in New York during all those years when she was a senator in New York.

Then we got the word from SPIKE LEE!!
"We can not go with Okie-Doke. We have to vote and we have to talk with our older parents because they're on this Hillary thing. We have to talk to them and get their minds straight, because Bernie has to win New York."

Then we heard from Latin-American music idol RESIDENTE!!
Talking about the oldest colony in the world #PuertoRico

Residente said, "I come here today to support Bernie Sanders because he has been the only candidate with logical proposals and he has expressed support for my country's debt relief.
"I support Bernie Sanders because someone like Hillary Clinton does not deserve my vote. The thought of Hillary Clinton, who has dared to praise the likes of Henry Kissinger, the author of the most despicable Latin American genocide and the architect of Latin American dictatorships responsible for all of those who disappeared in the 60's and 70's and 80's is enough for me not to vote for her. I'M NOT WITH HER!
"It would represent an insult to consider yourself Latin American and vote for her.... I support Bernie Sanders because I know there are still good people like him in this country. And when Senator Sanders wins the upcoming election, people will see the United States in a different light. It will no longer be a country that invades, that provokes wars, that quiets people. It will not be a country that tortures or believes in colonies. Instead, the United States will be a country that strives for unity, equality and peace.
"I am here to support Bernie Sanders because we all support change in the world."

Bernie hit a HOME-RUN!
Bernie and Jane Sanders both grew up on the streets of New York
in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Stanton Island and Coney Island.

‪#‎NYC4Bernie‬ ‪#‎NoSleepTilBrooklyn‬ ‪#‎NY4Bernie‬ ‪#‎FeeltheBern‬ ‪#‎Latinos4Bernie‬ 
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