Chinese Spy Thriller Vies for People's Choice Award

A Chinese spy thriller, "Father John" hopes to grab some attention at the annual People's Choice Awards in Hollywood (USA.)

You can follow the nominations & awards here at the official People's Choice Awards

Leading up to the annual American film industry awards, aspiring film makers are invited to pitch their movie projects to "the people" for a popular vote.

If you are tired of run of the mill Hollywood rehash, then vote for "Father John," a spy film based in Shanghai with the thrill of Asia's most exciting city as a backdrop to espionage and plot twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat. "Winning this contest would help greatly in developing this project and we greatly appreciate your help," said Richard Trombly, an American film maker in China.

Father John was written by Steven G. Long and Richard Trombly. More info about the movie is at
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