"Kodak Moment" Goes To Booth

Video Highlights of the 2010 People's Choice Awards. 

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peoples choice awards tonight. wish me luck.

Jan. 6th - Millions of Ashton Kutcher fans joined him at the People's Choice Awards in Hollywood, where he beat out other notables as the 2010 Favorite Web Celeb. 

Other top stars on the web include: Andy Samberg,
Miley Cyrus, P. Diddy and Will Ferrell.
    Recording live from his smart phone, Ashton Kutcher introduced his Twitter fan base on stage, claiming the win for them and most notably thanking them for the 89,724 malaria-prevention mosquito nets being distributed as a result of the Twitter first-to-one-million-fans race.  

    Things in life only have value if you share them - Ashton said in his Booth post.

    The "Kodak moment" was added to his life's photo moments at DailyBooth.com and shared via tiny URL posts at Twitter.com.

    You can follow his Twitter@ aplusk
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