Occupy Protesters Take Message to Rose Bowl Parade 2012

"Everything is Not coming up Roses" was the message delivered to millions of Rose Bowl Parade viewers, January 2nd in Pasadena, California -- where hundreds of "Occupy the Rose Parade" protesters carried banners and marched alongside a float depicting big banks as a giant octopus.

(1) Take Corporate Money out of Politics: (A) Reverse Chief Justice Roberts & Supreme Court "Citizens United" ruling; (B) Continue with immediate congressional action to Ban Corporate Money from all US Federal & State Elections

(2) Regulate Corporations: Reinstitution of the 1930s "Glass Steagal" wall that separated investment and commercial banking functions -- No universal banks.

(3) Make Banks Accountable: Investigate fraud and prosecute CEOs & banks that benefited from the dot-coma & real estate ponzi schemes of 1998-2008.

(4) Immediately restore the Capital Gains' post 9/11's 15% tax level to pre-G.W. Bush era (i.e. 30%; Capital Gains Tax rate was 49% late '60s)

(5) Immediate Foreclosure Relief for Americans with provisions for tangible asset equity drawdowns for major banks which unfairly structured loan provisions during the 2000-2008 time period, especially Bank of America (owner of Countrywide's mortgage asset portfolio) and Citibank.   

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