The Truth About "Obamacare" in under 4 minutes

Click image to watch videos: This is the 6th anniversary of mandated affordable health care for everyone in Massachusetts, passed into law by then-governor Mitt Romney, who called it a model for national health care reform. But as a Republican presidential candidate, he now promises to "kill Obamacare dead" on his first day in office. Click image to watch Romney's presentation of health care reform to the US Congress in 2006, where he calls mandated health care reform a national urgency.

As a Republican candidate for president, Romney now says the challenge and burden of affordable health care should be solved by state government.

Don't roll back Health Care Reform that 1. STOPS insurance companies from denying coverage to new born babies! 2. STOPS insurance companies from dropping people when they become too sick to work. 3. Allows adult children to remain on family health care policies until age 26. 4. Strives to provide affordable insurance for 45 million people who are uninsured in the wealthiest country in the world: The United States of America. Click image to watch video.

What happens when someone gets sick who does not have any insurance? Answer: They go to a county hospital emergency room at $300 per visit and tax payers (usually property tax payers) pick up the tab -- It's expensive and inefficient, since emergency rooms either admit someone to the hospital or advise them to call their family doctor. They may also prescribe pain pills to help the patient, until they can get in to see their family doctor (if they have one.)

What do people without insurance have to pay when they are sent for tests? When I went for a colonoscopy ordered by my doctor, I was told the cost would be $980 if I was pre-approved by an Etna-managed insurance plan, or else $2,300 cash. Even though I was pre-approved, I still fought with the insurance company for more than two months and had to bother my doctor to send the paperwork twice.

After 3 decades of bipartisan acknowledgement that the USA "Health Care System" in horribly broken -- the so-called "Obamacare" passed in 2010 that mandates affordable insurance for everyone in the United States.

Is it perfect: No. There were k-zillions of consessions made in order to get it passed. "We have to start somewhere to get anywhere," my 70 year old family doctor said, "we can tweek it in years to come."

Right now the US Supreme Court is being asked to consider throwing "the baby out with the bathwater!" Anyone who wants to turn the clocks back on health care reform in my book is just plain selfish and as mean-spirited as the insurance companies that pay bonus money to employees for denying insurance claims. I would be much happier with a single-payer, universal health care system. But should we throw out "Obamacare" as the pro-business Republicans advocate? Or strive to continue making "health care" improvements?

The United States Government (the Taxpayers) are the single largest group paying big insurance companies, big pharmacy companies and big medical supply and service companies... in otherwords, Corporations are making as much as 200% profits and paying double-digit $$ Millions to Hospital, Hospital Suppy, Pharmacy, & Insurance Corp. CEO's. They also write a lot of campaign checks and sponsor a lot of "fear" advertising... !
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