What Kind Of Government Do We Want?

It’s Not a CLIFF – it’s a SHOWDOWN between two ideas for America’s future.

FINALLY - Let's work together to fix this country! Not throw mud at the black guy who is president or kiss the feet of some Tea Party fanatic like Grover Norquist! 

We The People get the government we deserve only when we engage in the discussion of ideas presented by liberals, moderates and conservatives and agree on "American solutions to American issues" to quote a Republican senator (in South Carolina) who hopes to re-introduce a bipartisan Immigration Reform bill that he has worked on with a Democratic senator (from New York). The bill was flatly rejected by Tea Party Republicans but now, just maybe there will be interest among Republicans to engage in bipartisan discussions.

And hopefully bipartisan effort to work together to solve the huge national debt mostly created by 2 unpaid for wars + a global economic crash caused by big “BANKSTERS" messing with mortgage investment bundles that has cost almost all homeowners a loss of more than 50% of their home equity! AKA college and retirement savings!

We have just come through a time when 700,000 people PER MONTH lost their jobs, and then many lost their homes... There was no help for the people, after the “too big to fail banks” were bailed out by Republican President George W. Bush, who should NEVER BE FORGOTTEN as the worst president in history -- along with VP Chaney they should both be on trial for war crimes after IRAQ invasion on trumped up "weapons of mass destruction" claims that even former secretary of state (general) Colin Powell speaks against. 

Do we want a big military - protecting our oil interests and telling people what to do all over the world? The Bush-era wars cost this country $4 Billion per month (not part of the bloated $660 Billion annual “Defense” budget.) Romney wanted to add $2 Trillion to “beef up defense” to protect a US Corporation cheap labor expansion into South America. Is that what we want? Who's going to pay for that? The richest Americans and their corporations are holding tight to prevent the reversal of a 4% tax cut given to them by Bush-era Republicans. 

Do we want everyone in this country to have affordable health care? Do we want our parents to feel secure in their retirement, knowing that they will always have a place to live, food and medicine? Is that the kind of nation that we want? 

We have to decide where our tax money should be spent -- and I for one do not want some $Billionaire or Chevron paying $2.5 million to some super-pac to get his message out to the nation! So I am immediately getting involved to reverse "Corporate Personhood"!! I have already become a citizen co-sponsor of  the "Saving American Democracy" US Constitutional Amendment introduced by Independent Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont --> watch the video and add your support here

We have the opportunity to “do some nation building here at home” as newly re-elected President Barack Obama said -- to rebuild the northeast hit by Sandy, to put Americans to work rebuilding some of our crumbling major bridges and move forward with high speed rails and other mass transportation that will help people get to jobs in big cities etc. 

The Bush-era tax cuts for the rich were not in the budget -- they were simply a campaign giveaway that has cost the USA $1.2 Trillion in revenue. The Republican-controlled US House has been holding up the nation and it's people over 4 percentage points! It's time to take action TOGETHER to FIX THE NATION!
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