Walmart Black Friday Strike Over Welfare Wages

Walmart Workers Black Friday Strike in 12 States! Workers want "full time" employment instead of "part-time less than 35 hours - low wages and no benefits!"

David Garcia is among those protesting. He says that he worked at the NFI facility (national distribution warehouse for Walmart) for a year as a temp earning $8 an hour without benefits. Before being let go last month, Garcia was employed as a "lumper" -- someone who loads and unloads containers on the warehouse docks. He typically got around 30 hours per week, he said.

"I was promised a 90-day probation period when I started," Garcia told HuffPost. "It's been a year and they're not talking about me being hired [full-time], or getting any benefits, no raises, not even a promotion for me to start driving a forklift. I've got five kids and a wife to support and that’s really impossible with $8 dollars an hour."

The six Walmart heirs have an income that is equal to the total income of the bottom 30% of the American people, yet they pay $7 and $8 per hour wages and hold people to "part-time less than 35 hours with no beneifts"... How can that be right? In the meanwhile, the American TAXPAYER is picking up the bill for these under-paid workers who rely on Medicaid and Food Stamps in order to live!

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