Message to the GOP Party of No

Corporate Welfare has to GO! -- I know that a lot of big companies have been paying huge incomes to CEO's and investors by only hiring "part time less than 38 hours" for more than 20 years and making a lot of lame excuses about not offering any health care, pension plans, paid vacations or even paid sick days. The laws that reward companies with tax deductions when they relocate outside the USA need to GO... and companies that cheat employees out of a "living wage" and any benefits in order to make bigger investment profits need to pay their fair share into health care and food stamp programs that are actually rescuing their under-paid employees who have nowhere to go except hospital emergency rooms funded by local property taxpayers. Florida is a prime example of a "right to work" state, where workers have no rights to collective bargaining and are free to work for $9 per hour at jobs that pay $30 and $40 per hour in northern states that have unions and across the board higher wages. If you look at the wages paid in states that are solid Red - Republican (especially Tea Party conservative) states, you will discover that those same states have VERY HIGH FEDERAL FOOD STAMP NUMBERS. That is because they pay very low wages, forcing even their state employees onto the welfare programs the Republican governors say they are against. 

It's time to work together to FIX THIS NATION!

You may have noticed that Walmart employees plan to strike on Black Friday. Click here for details.

Watch this video if you want to see just how horrible it is to work for Walmart -- a company that once took pride in selling American-made products.

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