African-Americans For Bernie Sanders Thanks Rap Star Lil B

Thursday - August 13, 2015 -- The largest social media group of African-Americans for Bernie Sanders posted a "Thank You" to the Rap-star Lil-B "The Based God" for his words of support and endorsement of  Senator Bernie Sanders for President.

Dr. Cornel West also calls Bernie Sanders "the best choice for minority voters" due to his stance on raising the minimum wage to $15, universal health care and college tuition plans.

--- 27 major cities have already passed a $15 minimum wage and 200 economists agree with U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders on the $15 minimum wage.

-- He has introduced legislation to tax Wall Street transactions to fund tuition-free education at all public colleges and universities.

-- He is committed to addressing racial injustice and racial economic inequality.

Have you heard the Tony Tig - Rap, "Feel The Bern" - distributed by Black Lives?

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