Amazing Panoramic Views of Bernie Sanders LA Rally

Actress-comedian Sarah Silverman introduced and endorsed Senator Bernie Sanders at the Aug. 10th Bernie Rally at Los Angeles Sports Arena --- 27,500 came to hear Bernie..

"You know, I feel weird using words like 'values' and 'morals' because those are words that have been co-opted by people who wear them like a shroud to justify terrible things like bigotry and greed," she said. "I'd like to take those words back tonight and apply them to Bernie Sanders... and if we are all very smart and a little bit lucky -- the next President of the United States, Senator Bernie Sanders."

#EnoughIsEnough #WeStandTogether. 

Americans are eager to support a candidate, who stands up for their values and defends the average American against powerful corporate 1% elitists, who see students as profit-generating investments and mass-incarceration as "keeping the beds filled" for a private-prisons for profit industry.

#‎BernieSanders‬ Rockin' The Free World in ‪#‎LA‬ - Amazing Panoramic Views.
20,000 capacity crowd + 7,500 overflow crowd - Aug. 10, 2015. 
 --- view the amazing interactive panoramic Bernie Rally at Los Angeles Sports Arena

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