"We Stand Together" -- Record 28,000 Rally in Oregon

Love Symone Sanders --- the new face of the Bernie Sanders campaign, as his national press secretary, she introduced him in Portland with the official response to #BLM: ‪#‎WeStandTogether‬. --- Bringing People Together in Portland --- Own It!

Speaking on Face the Nation, Symone emphasized that racial inequality and economic inequality are parallel issues. As a juvenile justice advocate, she knows that poverty is still the number one factor in high school graduation rates and in high neighborhood crime rates. -- read more. 

"Think Big" said Bernie Sanders in closing the Oregon rally that drew 28,000! -- Aug. 9, 2015

The big and boisterous crowds, Senator Sanders said, are sending a message that it's time to reverse the four-decade decline of the American middle class and launch a grassroots "political revolution" to take on the #Billionaire class. "Bringing people together," he said, is at the core of the campaign.

Bernie Sanders advocates raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2020, closing tax loopholes exploited by the wealthy and profitable corporations, undertaking a massive $1 trillion program to fix roads and bridges, railways and other infrastructure that would also create or sustain 13 million jobs -- His campaign advocates a Medicare-for-all health care system to provide better care for more people at less cost, an expansion of Social Security and tuition-free college.

An in depth plan to address racial inequality and racial injustice was introduced at the rally. --- The policy plans that would be implemented by Bernie Sanders, as President of the United States can be found at BernieSanders.com/issues/racial-justice.

A lifelong civil rights advocate, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders made his feelings very clear in an address to Congress - 10/22/1991. 

#WeStandTogether #EnoughIsEnough #BlackLivesMatter

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