Hillary Clinton Does Not Want The Public To Know What She Said To Goldman Sachs Bankers

2/23/2016 - During a Democratic Presidential Town Hall, Hillary Clinton said, she will release her recorded talks to Wall Street that increased her personal wealth by $2.3 million in 2013, ONLY if Republican candidates agree to release their paid speeches.

Former Goldman Sachs employees have already said, her banking talks are glowing and reassuring to the financial industry.
Three of those talks totaled $669,000 and were delivered to Goldman Sachs just after Hillary Clinton stepped away from her position as Secretary of State and just before she announced her run for President of the United States.

Feb. 9th at a #DemDebate - Hillary Clinton said she would "look into" disclosure.

This kind of "pay-to-play" politics causes low voter turnout. In fact, 84% of Democrats agree that money in politics corrupts legislation. A fact that was proven by a Princeton University report that found high-agreement between what big-money campaign donors want and laws passed in the US Congress.

Hillary Clinton was named "The Most Corrupt Politician of 2015" by Political Watchdog.

Adding to that slap in the face of the Democratic Party
Only 11% of her own party think she's ‪#‎Trustworthy‬.

Bill and Hillary Clinton have amassed $153 million since 2001, mostly from personal "speaking fees."

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In 2013, right after stepping down as secretary of state, Clinton was paid $2.3 million for three speeches to Goldman Sachs and individual speeches to Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley, Fidelity Investments, Apollo Management Holdings, UBS, Bank of America, and Golden Tree Asset Managers.
Clinton's campaign continues to take millions of dollars on a regular basis from big banks.
Clinton's campaign also takes more money from the big pharmaceutical corporations than any other candidate -- Democratic or Republican.
Bernie Sanders' talks to Wall Street are ZERO. He has ZERO speeches to Wall Street to release, and he believes voters have a right to know what Clinton has been promising the banking and pharmaceutical industries.

On what planet is this not something she should explain to the public?

Bill and Hillary Clinton have given 729 speeches since 2001 for an average payday of $210,795 ------ "Well, that's what they were willing to pay," Hillary Clinton said at the last ‪#‎DemDebate‬.
The two also reported at least $7.7 million for at least 39 speeches to big banks, including Goldman Sachs and UBS, with Hillary Clinton, the Democratic 2016 front-runner, collecting at least $1.8 million for at least eight speeches to big banks --- according to a CNN politics list released 2/6/2016.

Marian Wright Edelman, director of the Children's Defense League in sharp contrast to the badge that Hillary wears regarding her first job out of college at the Children's Defense Fund.... calls her no friend to childhood minority poverty! - >>Judge For Yourself<<

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