Bernie Will Turn Up The Heat at Sunday's Debate in Michigan

Protesters have delivered more than 80,000 signatures to the Democratic National Committee -- demanding that ‪#‎CNN‬ focus the Michigan Democratic Debate entirely on environmental justice, racial justice and economic justice. "Right now, in Flint, thousands of people are being denied access to clean water — and the Governor knew about it! But that’s not the whole story..." -- Friends of the Earth and numerous action-organizations are calling for "Justice For Flint."  ‪Read More at Friends Of The

Flint, Michigan @ 8 pm ET, March 6th on CNN

This Democratic Presidential Debate promises to be the most intense debate ever between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. 

Super Tuesday  held victories for Clinton in the deeply conservative South.
But she would not be able to count on any of those states for a victory in November because in South Carolina and in the Super-Tuesday RED STATES twice as many voters turned out to hand Donald Trump landmark victories.

Meanwhile, Sanders virtually tied with Clinton in the BLUE STATE of Massachusetts and recorded a 20-point victory in Minnesota, along with victories in Colorado and Oklahoma. 

The #NotMeUs campaign for Bernie Sanders has become a "National Voter Contact Machine" fueled by thousands of volunteers calling key states to #RockTheVote4Bernie ---- Here's the link: PhoneBank For Bernie

Kansas, Louisiana, and Nebraska vote on March 5th.
Maine, Michigan and Mississippi vote on March 6th and 8th.
Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, and Ohio vote on March 15th.
And Arizona votes on March 22nd.

The first Americans Abroad voted on Super Tuesday, giving Bernie a 70-point victory in New Zealand.... So far, every single reported precinct abroad has been won by Bernie Sanders. The final tally will be reported on March 8th. 
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