The Democrats Are Responsible For Election 2016

The #DNC #CorporateDemocraticMachine can take full responsibility for the loss of #Election2016 because the PEOPLE wanted REAL CHANGE ----- #NeverHillary! They were looking for the next FDR and REAL CHANGE. #FDR was so popular among the people that he was re-elected 4 times. (The reason for POTUS term limits.) The PEOPLE STOOD TOGETHER FOR A VERY LONG TIME: From 1933-1945, Roosevelt dominated the Democratic Party as a central figure in world events, leading the United States during a time of worldwide economic depression and total war.

His program for relief, recovery and reform, known as the New Deal leaned heavily on protecting and improving the lives of ordinary people. As a dominant leader of the Democratic Party, he built the New Deal Coalition that brought together and united labor unions, big city machines, white ethnics, African Americans, and rural white Southerners in support of the party. The Bill and Hillary Clinton Democrats that are all about lining their own pockets via pay-to-play politics, ushered in the current batch of carpetbaggers that rely on the vote of the labor/minority/big city coalition but actually represent BIG-MONEY INVESTMENT in foreign labor manufacturing and the defense industry complex. Even #BillGates says, Socialism is our only future to combat corporate green and climate change. #FeeltheBern - #PowerToThePeople
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