Looking Outside the Two-Party Boxes at Democratic Socialism vs Corporate Socialism

The people in the USA have allowed a form of Corporate Democracy to swallow up the needs and desires of ordinary people via not voting, and later finding it very difficult to identify a worthy political candidate. 

In other words, the pay-to-play politicians are running the show on behalf of their uber-rich and global corporate lobbyist "donors." Money and power has gridlocked Washington DC, and is also evident in state governments, and even some county and city governments. 

By definition, there are two forms of "Democracy" -- Social Democracy vs Corporate Democracy, and most democratic nations are a balanced mixture of both, and benefit from that balance.

Social Democracy has a strong focus on domestic spending to benefit the people -- like upgrading our 1950's railways, developing a passenger line alongside a freight line for better safety and the ability to have high-speed passenger rail. 

The USA currently has a strong focus on Corporate Democracy, focused on trade agreements and corporate subsidies and defense of global corporate profiteering via endless oil wars and tax loopholes.

President-elect Trump, as well as Senator Bernie Sanders, ran on a platform of infrastructure investments to upgrade our railways, repair our bridges and runways, etc. The USA has been very neglectful of it's homefront. We are the only modern nation without high-speed passenger railways, for instance. They also both ran on a platform of bringing trillions of dollars back to the USA that has been offshored by corporations. They both strongly favor simplifying our tax structure to make sure that corporations pay a fair share of what it takes to run the country --- although they propose different paths to achieve that target. We should strongly encourage REAL PROGRESSIVES like Senator Sanders to look for ways to work with the Trump administration and Republican-led US Congress to get the work done that turns this country around in a positive way!

A Great Nation embraces "Democratic-Socialism" to provide the infrastructure (roadways, bridges, railways and airways) that benefit everyone domestically ... plus quality public education, networked job training support to create skilled workers (ie Germany) and healthcare that is administered by the government NOT insurance corporations. 

Thinking of healthcare for a moment. We are the only nation, where 600,000 people file for bankruptcy every year, due to unpaid medical bills. And the majority of those people were "insured" when they became injured or sick. Insurance corporations, big pharma and big medical corporations are making profits that are out of control, with CEO's "earning" $100 million a year etc. Other nations have what would basically in the USA be an expansion of Medicare for everyone.. healthcare that is administered by a single-payer: the government instead of thousands of insurance companies.

Becoming an educated voter on local, state and federal issues is very important. Senator Sanders and Donald Trump woke up millions of disenfranchised voters. Let's keep that ball rolling, and hold government accountable. We need to abandon the "party-loyalty" system and support the individuals willing to make America Great.... ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS. 
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