If Republicans Want To Win In 2018 They Will Do What Democrats Could Not Do: Pass Single-Payer Health Care

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15 years ago, Donald J. Trump said the USA should join the rest of the world that has universal health care, a system that everyone pays into that covers everyone in the country. It's the only way we will ever have real health care that invests in prevention, early detection of illness and cures. 

Independent Senator Bernie Sanders campaigned for "single-payer" health care in the Democratic primary elections and Hillary Clinton fought him on the idea of allowing people to sign up for Medicare/ Medicaid at earlier ages. 

This week, Senator Sanders re-introduced HR 676 -- a bill that would save money, allow the federal government to negotiate prices, and finally provide real health care for everyone. The legislation comes in the wake of the Republican Party's failed attempt to approve a bill to repeal and replace "Obamacare." And it has the support of some Democrats and Republicans.

The USA is the only government that puts the health and well-being of it's people at the mercy of insurance corporations that function as an illness-management-for-profit system that relies heavily on paperwork to deny claims, and cancel policies when people become seriously sick or injured. 

We are not even in the top 25 nations of the world for health care due to the high costs, the tens of millions of people still without health care and the millions more faced with skyrocketing "insurance premiums" and high deductibles. 

We are the only nation, where 600,000 people file for bankruptcy every year due to unpaid medical bills, forcing them to lose most of what they have worked for all of their lives. The majority of these folks had health care insurance when they got sick but their end-of-life costs will be paid for by US taxpayers, after they are forced into bankruptcy. 

These insurance companies collect "premiums" for decades from people, but they offer little prevention and early detection medical assistance because they know most people will not be able to keep up their premiums when they become deathly ill or injured.  

The US Government is the biggest single-payer of medical costs, but has little or no say about the costs that are skyrocketing in the USA. 

The US Government (taxpayers) have no ability to negotiate drug prices... That lousy piece of law was part of the Bush administration's Plan D direct payment to big pharma drug corporations on behalf of the people. 

Millions of Americans have seen their health insurance premiums go up as much as 60% even though wages have remained stagnate. Working people now qualify for the first time for food stamps because of what they pay out every month for family health insurance.

We need to gradually allow people at earlier ages to join Medicare via the "public option" that Obama wanted in the Affordable Care Act. But Surprise! He couldn't get enough votes from his own Democrats because of all the money flowing into the Democratic Party - DNC from federal health care lobbyists!  

Doctors And Nurses Want Single-Payer Health Care 

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