Facebook Live: The Bernie Sanders Show

Forget Trump TV. Bernie Sanders has struck gold with his new Facebook Live show

While the establishment press focuses its time on Donald Trump’s tweets, and the ongoing alleged Russia scandal, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., is quietly growing his base and addressing the issues people are passionate about — by creating his own Facebook Live show called “The Bernie Sanders Show.” 

The Bernie Sanders Show - Live on Facebook
hopes to reach as many as 20 million fans a day.
“It gives me an opportunity to speak directly to many millions of people about the work that we’re doing about the issues that we consider to be important,” Sanders told NBC News.
Sanders “is viral gold,” according to the senator’s media producer, Armand Aviram, who says the statesman in his 70s has been able to capture the attention of millennials like no other politician. 

Watch: The Bernie Sanders Show on Health Care Costs

Doing the numbers: Donald J. Trump is tweeting to 27.4 million and President Trump 16.4 million followers on Twitter. He is also reaching 21.7 million via his personal page and 1.4 million via his President Donald J. Trump pages on Facebook. 
Compare that to Barack Obama with a whopping 56.4 million "likes" on Facebook -- but no posts since his Farewell Address, Jan. 10, 2017 and Hillary Clinton, who still has 10 million Facebook page "likes" but no posts since December of 2016. 
Meanwhile, Senator Sanders continues to be active on a daily basis on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. He has amassed 6 million followers on Twitter. His personal "Join The Revolution" page is a gathering point for 5 million activists on Facebook, and the U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders  page has more than 7.5 million followers.
To add some context, he has more than twice the following of his closest competitors — Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker. 
Senator Sanders is also supported by massive grassroots groups. 
The People For Bernie (page) is liked by 1.2 million millennial activists. "We are activists and organizers building a broad, effective movement for democratic change." - Hashtag #FeelTheBern and  #FeelTheBern2020 
Bernie Sanders 4 President 2020 -  AKA "The People's Party Berniecrats" group with more than 122,700 members. "One thing has become apparent, the two parties are run by the same team. War vs Peace, healthcare and income inequality will never change for the better until we bring the real leader of the revolution to the Presidency: Senator Sanders has spent 40 years fighting for progressive change in America. He is our best choice for President in 2020." 
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