Our Revolution Owes The Democratic Party Nothing!

California primary: Vote count estimated to be around 8.9 million

Leading up to the California primary, Bernie Sanders supporters waged one of the largest voter registration drives in history. Then came some stumbling blocks. If you registered as an "Independent" you most likely registered in a right-wing fringe "Independent National Party." If you were a no-party-affiliation voter, you were not mailed a ballot with Senator Sanders name on the ballot. You needed to request a "crossover" Democratic Ballot -- Not a "Democratic" ballot and in either case, poll workers were likely to give you a "Provisional" ballot that would not be counted on election day. Provisional ballots were given out like candy... and there were all the usual other "errors" in place: Voters, who were registered in time for the election, not on the poll record; Voters, who registered Democrat showing up on the poll record as Republican or no-party-affiliation. The long lines, the confusion, last-minute poll location changes.. What we have seen in multiple states. 

Because the Bernie Sanders campaign is a grassroots movement -- a Political Revolution that has energized millions of first-time voters and people who have not voted in years, almost 100% of the "errors" have suppressed the votes of people, who already felt disenfranchised by the nature of politics today: MONEY.

Instead of putting out the "welcome matt" to these millions of voters, the establishment-entrenched Democrats proved to "Bernie supporters" that they are just as corrupt as the Republicans -- maybe more corrupt! 

The Democratic National Party and the DNC Chair, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (Hillary 2008 co-mgr.) are plaintiffs in a national class-action lawsuit that claims FRAUD - Mismanagement of DNC donations - Misrepresentation and actions directed to support and fight for Hillary Clinton during the Democratic Primaries; and a scheme that pulled in large-donor money in partnership with Democratic Party state organizations but then funneled all but 1% of that money back to the Hillary Clinton campaign. 

It's tough to win a primary election when the vast resources of the DNC are being used to wage a war against your candidate, who admirably is proving that candidates can run a national campaign supported only by the voters -- contributing millions of dollars through small donations -- sans the global corporations, lobbyists and billionaires. 

Rather than speak to these many issues -- President Obama has jumped in to endorse Hillary Clinton before the Democratic Contested Convention. 

President Obama begun campaigning with Clinton on the same day that the head of the FBI said Hillary Clinton and her staff broke the law during the time she was Secretary of State. In fact, she was the "DEFINITION of NEGLIGENT AND CARELESS." --- Hillary pacified voters count not being indicted a WIN.  

With another 7 days to count the California vote... volunteers and legal advisors are working to help poll officials understand the "intent" of voters, when they went to the polls in California and cast Democratic ballots, crossover-ballots and provisional ballots. The vote has flipped to Bernie Sanders in at least nine counties and Mrs. Clinton's lead has been cut in half thus far. The gap is 7%. 

The fiasco that was the California primary begs the question, "Why do we have political parties that are allowed to set rules that suppress the vote of people, who do not want to belong to political parties?" -- "Why do we have political parties that set the rules for who the people are allowed to hear at national political debates?" 

Senator Bernie Sanders will be heading to a Contested Democratic Convention -- Hillary Clinton did not WIN enough votes from the people to be the nominee. Senator Sanders may feel compelled to support "the Democratic nominee" but he does not OWN #OurRevolution... that is the product of years of frustration, and in part in debt to the #Occupy movement. 

WE THE PEOPLE do not "owe" the Democratic Party ANYTHING!
That's why we are taking them to court!! Personally, I was #NeverHillary from Day One --- and she is the epitome of pay-to-play self-enrichment that ignores the voices of the people and ALWAYS honors the big-donors, especially the Wall Street money boys that reap profits for the 1% elite via investment in foreign labor and global corporations. Our Revolution does not end with a vote for the Anti-Revolution Candidate, Hillary Clinton. 

There are other pathways. 

Personally, I will be hoping for a "BernStein" Green Party ticket. But I will vote for Dr. Jill Stein before Corrupt Corporate Democrat Hillary Clinton. It will be the best use of my vote -- Because we need more than the two-party system that is NOT REPRESENTING THE PEOPLE! 

The Democrats as much as the Republicans are responsible for why there is a Donald Trump campaign.

If Democrats did their job -- They would be representing Working Class and Middle Class Americans instead of BANKSTERS and Global Investors and CEO's.

Learn more about The Green Party! 

PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION: Anyone who tries to change the Democratic Party from within is undermined at every step by corporate-funded elites who control the party top down. The only way they prevent a true party for the people from gaining a mass following is by trying to control who gets in the debates. 

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