Berniecrats Fight Back Against Establishment DNC

Lifelong Democrat Tim Canova considers himself a New Deal Progressive Democrat. He endorsed Bernie Sanders and Senator Sanders is campaigning for him, in hopes that he will defeat (resigned) DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, who is up for re-election in Florida's US Congressional District 23, in Florida's Democratic Congressional Primary - August 30th.


It is apparent from Wikileaks of DNC emails that (now resigned) DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was using the power and resources of the DNC to wage a re-election fight against Tim Canova from inside the DNC.  

Rep. Wasserman-Schultz is now officially working for the Hillary Clinton campaign, amidst similar allegations that she was running a campaign against Bernie Sanders from within the DNC.

US Congressional Candidate, Tim Canova spoke with Tom Hartman about his campaign run to unseat Wasserman-Schultz in Florida District 23, which includes Broward and parts of Miami-Dade counties. 

"When my campaign would line up a speaking appearance, if her campaign got wind of it, they would call up the venue and ask them not to let me speak," Canova told Thom Hartman in an interview, July 29, 2016. 

"Jobs and the economy" are the top issues, said Canova. "People are hurting here. Millennials are having hard times, getting full time jobs with benefits. They are living with their parents. People, like myself are having a tough time coming out of the recession caused when the banks folded. There are serious environmental issues that are not being addressed in South Florida. We need someone who speaks for the people, not the big-donor base of the Democratic Party."  

TYT - @Jordan Chariton 8/7/2016. 

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has failed to show up at Town Hall Meetings, and refuses to debate Tim Canova. "We should not be handing these politicians a job for life," said Canova.

Wasserman-Schultz had never been challenged and she is in a "safe" Democratic Party district, which she herself helped to gerrymander when she was a Florida state lawmaker. So, without the ability to challenge her, the establishment Democratic Party voter base is able to continue to re-elect her in Florida during the "closed" Florida primaries ... This is also how Republicans are able to re-elect their candidates in "safe" Republican Party gerrymandered districts, even though the two parties each represent less than 40% of the state's voters.

Under the leadership of Wasserman-Schultz, the Democratic Party has lost 8 percent of its membership, dropping to 38% of registered voters, while the Republican Party has held steady at 36%. More people than ever, dislike both the Democrats and the Republicans, preferring to register without any party affiliation --  or fleeing to support the Libertarian or Green Party. 

The Florida Congressional Primary is August 30, 2016. ACROSS THE USA, there are still a handful of states that have not yet held their primary elections. So please, vote for these candidates in upcoming primary elections

As you can see, the Berniecrats are fighting back and winning in many states.


Wendy Reed (D)
US Representative, CA, 23rd District won her Primary

Ron Varasteh (D)
US Representative, CA, 45th District

Bao Nguyen (D)
US Representative, CA, 46th District

Patrick Malloy
US Representative, CA, 50th District

Jane Kim (D)
State Senate, CA, 11th District

Ronald J. O'Donnell (D)
State Senate, CA, 23rd District

Jorge Lopez (D)
State Representative, CA, 67th District

Michael Tubbs
Mayor, CA, Stockton

Pamela Drake
Central Committee, CA, Alameda AD18

Guillermo Elenes (D)
Central Committee, CA, Alameda AD18

Margarita Lacabe
Central Committee (Incumbent, 2016), CA, Alameda AD18

Arn Menconi (GR)
US Senate, CO

Misty Plowright (D)
US Representative, CO, 5th District

Robert Lee Worthey (GR)
US Representative, CO, 6th District

John Kefalas (D)
State Senate (Incumbent, 2016), CO, 14th District

Jonathan Singer (D)
State Representative (Incumbent, 2016), CO, 11th District

Wade Norris (D)
State Representative, CO, 27th District

Joe Salazar (D)
State Representative (Incumbent, 2016), CO, 31st District

Robert Bowen (D)
State Representative, CO, 38th District

Tim Hicks (D)
State Representative, CO, 44th District

Shantell Schweikart (D)
State Representative, CO, 45th District

Thomas A. Hudson (D)
State Representative, CO, 63rd District

Jim Barksdale (D)
US Senate, GA

Vincent Fort
State Senate (Incumbent, 2016), GA, 39th District

Michelle Jones
State Representative, GA, 30th District

Justin Holsomback
State Representative, GA, 34th District

Gary Kroeger
State Representative, IA, 60th District

Will Guzzardi
State Representative, IL, 39th District

Jaime M. Andrade, Jr.
State Representative (Incumbent, 2016), IL, 40th District

Carol Ammons
State Representative (Incumbent, 2016), IL, 103rd District

Barry A. Welsh (D)
US Representative, IN, 6th District

Genevieve Williams (D)
US Representative, MO, 7th District

Brandon Ellington (D)
State Representative, MO, 22nd District

Courtney Curtis (D)
State Representative (Incumbent, 2016), MO, 73rd District

Amanda Curtis (D)
State Representative, MT, 74th District

John P. McNeil (D)
US Representative, NC, 2nd District

Christian Cano (D)
US Representative, NC, 9th District

Joe Parrish
State Representative, NC, 2nd District

Peter Noris
State Representative, NC, 104th District

Peter Jacob (D)
US Representative, NJ, 7th District

Jerry Ortiz-y Pino (D)
State Senate (Incumbent, 2016), NM, 12th District

Cisco McSorley (D)
State Senate (Incumbent, 2016), NM, 16th District

G. Andrés Romero (D)
State Representative (Incumbent, 2016), NM, 10th District

Antonio Maestas (D)
State Representative (Incumbent, 2016), NM, 16th District

Jarrod Williams (I)
US Senate, NV

Richard "Tick" Segerblom (D)
State Senate, NV, 3rd District

Owen Carver (D)
State Representative, NV, 2nd District

Heidi Swank (D)
State Representative (Incumbent, 2016), NV, 16th District

Zephyr Teachout (D)
US Representative, NY, 19th District

Janet Garrett
US Representative, OH, 4th District

Corey Foister
US Representative, OH, 8th District

Marcy Kaptur
US Representative (Incumbent, 2016), OH, 9th District

Keith Mundy
US Representative, OH, 16th District

Sean Braddy (I)
US Senate, OK

Paul Sullivan (D)
State Representative, OK, 69th District

Marina Mangiaracina (I)
State Representative, OK, 99th District

Rob Nosse
State Representative (Incumbent, 2016), OR, 42nd District

Kerith Strano Taylor (D)
US Representative, PA, 5th District

Dimitri Cherny (D)
US Representative, SC, 1st District

Terry Alexander
State Representative (Incumbent, 2016), SC, 59th District

Robert Williams
State Representative (Incumbent, 2016), SC, 62nd District

Joseph Neal (D)
State Representative (Incumbent, 2016), SC, 70th District

Justin Bamberg (D)
State Representative, SC, 90th District

Cezar E. McKnight (D)
State Representative (Incumbent, 2016), SC, 101st District

Wendell G. Gilliard (D)
State Representative (Incumbent, 2016), SC, 111th District

Cory Heidelberger (D)
State Senate, SD, 3rd District

Troy Heinert (D)
State Senate (Incumbent, 2016), SD, 26th District

Clara Hart (D)
State Representative, SD, 6th District

Ellee Spawn (D)
State Representative, SD, 13th District

Bill Matta
US Representative, TX, 17th District

Tom Wakely
US Representative, TX, 21st District

John Floyd (D)
State Representative, TX, 29th District

Alex Mendoza
State Representative, TX, 65th District

Misty K. Snow (D)
US Senate, UT

Ash Anderson (D)
State Senate, UT, 8th District

Angela Romero (D)
State Representative (Incumbent, 2016), UT, 26th District

Peter Tomala (D)
State Representative, UT, 33rd District

Edgar Harwood (D)
State Representative, UT, 43rd District

Rachel Nelson (D)
State Representative, UT, 59th District

Brooke Swallow-Fenton (D)
State Representative, UT, 60th District

Ty Markham (D)
State Representative, UT, 73rd District

Shaun Brown (D)
US Representative, VA, 2nd District

Pramila Jayapal (D)
US Representative, WA, 7th District

Bob Hasegawa (D)
State Senate (Incumbent, 2016), WA, 11th District

Eric K. Holt (D)
State Senate, WA, 18th District

Karl Mecklenburg (D)
State Senate, WA, 25th District

Marcus Riccelli (D)
State Representative (Incumbent, 2016), WA, 3rd District

Shar Lichty (D)
State Representative, WA, 6th District

Dan Maher (D)
State Representative, WA, 12th District

Susan Soto Palmer (D)
State Representative, WA, 14th District

Brian Blake (D)
State Representative (Incumbent, 2016), WA, 19th District

Noel Frame (D)
State Representative (Incumbent, 2016), WA, 36th District

Sharon Tomiko Santos (D)
State Representative (Incumbent, 2016), WA, 37th District

Roger Goodman (D)
State Representative (Incumbent, 2016), WA, 45th District

Jessyn Farrell (D)
State Representative (Incumbent, 2016), WA, 46th District

Mike Manypenny (D)
US Representative, WV, 1st District

Bradley Vanzile
State Senate, WV, 3rd District

Shawn Fluharty
State Representative, WV, 3rd District

Mike Pushkin
State Representative, WV, 37th District

Georgia, New Mexico and South Carolina got all of their progressive candidates through the Primaries!

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