Jill Stein Talks Down Fox News On "Failed Foreign Policy"

Jill Stein talked to Fox News at the Green Party National Convention 8/7/2016. She pushed back against the $6 trillion dollars already spent on the war on terrorism -- "You cannot bomb terrorism out of existence." 

Jill Stein and the Green Party calls for a stop to the training, funding and sales of massive amounts of weapons to countries in the Middle East. 

"We are providing $8 million dollars a day to Israel, which is a government of occupation," said Dr. Stein.  "We just sold $100 Billion Dollars worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia, and they can provide those weapons to whomever they want."

Stein said that if we really want to stop terrorists, we need to freeze the assets of countries that break international laws, and reduce our "defense" budget that is paying for massive distribution of weapons to countries in the Middle East. 

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The Democratic Party has been sold out by Bill and Hillary Clinton. The neoliberals are gathering money from and representing the 1% ruling class. 
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