Jill Stein FULL SPEECH At the Green Party Convention

8/6/2016 - Here's Jill Stein's full speech on Saturday to the Green Party in Houston. 
Follow the hashtag #GNCinHOU LIVE COVERAGE OF 2016 GPN Convention: http://www.jill2016.com/live  
Don't let the establishment SWINDLE YOU out of the leverage we have by standing up together as members of the Green Party --- We have the numbers to save the day!

Forty-Two million young people and not so young people are locked into a lifetime of student debt: That is a number great enough to elect a people's candidate. We need to CANCEL student debt. That is the way forward, because the younger generation always leads our nation forward.... 

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Learn about the third-party movements that brought about FDR's New Deal 

Who Killed FDR's New Deal in favor of US-Global Government? 

Learn what happened when members of the Labor Movement and Farm Workers Movement were absorbed into the Democratic Party, after FDR's New Deal Democrats came into power: 

You can also follow The Sane Progressive at the GNC in Houston.  

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