The Fight To Unseat Debbie Wasserman Schultz Continues

Green Party Candidates for President, Dr. Jill Stein and VP Ajamu Baraka with #FL23 Congressional Candidate, Stephanie Anderson, MSM who is running as an independent against (resigned DNC Chair - Hillary Clinton's right arm) Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz in the General Election on Nov. 8th 2016. The district includes Broward County and parts of Miami-Dade in South Florida.

On Aug. 17th, Stephanie Anderson talked about her decision to run as an independent, and why she endorsed Tim Canova in the Democratic Primary.

Many of the under-represented poor people living in Florida's district 23 are Latino's, registered with no-party-affiliation. They were unable to vote for Canova in the primary election, but they will be able to vote for Anderson in the general election.

Stephanie self-identifies as a "Bernie Sanders conservative" and community activist. She is an active volunteer with several South Florida charities providing pro bono grant writing, consulting and other business related services for them. As a victor over child sexual abuse, Stephanie concentrates her philanthropic activities on charities focusing on youth issues and speaks to parents and children about the signs of sexual abuse in children and how to escape the cycle. She also works with several animal rights charities.

Stephanie began serving her community as a pre-teen and has been recognized by two US sitting Presidents for outstanding community involvement and leadership. She met with Republican President Ronald Reagan, personally in the Oval Office his last year as Commander-in-Chief because of those activities.

Republican President George H. W. Bush awarded one of the first Volunteer Service Awards then called the 'Call To Service Award' to Stephanie Anderson for volunteering over 250 hours in one year while she was still in High School -- She actually volunteered over 1,000 hours while in high school.

Stephanie also addressed a Congressional Breakfast speaking on issues facing inner-city youth and programs she started with the Keystone/B&G Club to reduce teen pregnancy and drinking and driving among kids living in inner and low income cities. More details. 

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