Tinkering Around The Edges Won't Fix America

Tinkering around the edges of a Corporate-Corrupted US Government is not going to fix anything, which is why millions of voters woke up and came out to rally and support Senator Bernie Sanders, who rallied the support of tens of millions of people standing up together to say "Enough Is Enough." He set an all-time record for the most individual contributions made to a presidential candidate in history, while the entrenched establishment inside the Democratic Party fought off the very people aiming to expand the party and push hard for progressive change! -- Follow the DNC lawsuit.

The millions of Bernie Sanders voters, including independents and Greens, Occupy Movement and Lincoln Republicans need to shift their support to Jill Stein, whose platform is for the 99%.

Both Bernie and Jill Stein acknowledge that we need BIG CHANGES: At least a $1 trillion investment to repair and upgrade our 1950's railway and roadways. We are the only top nation without any high-speed trains because of our ancient tracks that are used for both passenger and freight. We have thousands of bridges marked as critically in need of repair, while other nations are looking to solar grids and investing in massive solar power-plants. Meanwhile, the multinational corporations based in the USA avoid paying taxes and even reap the benefits of huge tax breaks not offered to ordinary taxpayers.

Tinkering at the edges won’t solve the wealth and income inequality crisis, we need real structural change. We need higher wages and we need more than just giving the wealthy yet another tax break in exchange for throwing a few scraps to their workers. We need to rein in the dangerous Wall Street speculation that plunged our economy into freefall in the first place. We need massive infrastructure investment paid for by an overhauled corporate tax structure including a financial transactions tax. And we need to shift to a green energy economy that puts communities of color and others most impacted by the dirty energy economy first in line for the cleanup, jobs and benefits." ----- National People’s Action (www.npa-us.org) is a network of 30 grassroots organizations in 17 states, with 85,00 individual members working together to advance a racial and economic justice agenda for a new economy and true democracy.

Click on this image - download/ share online / print it as a campaign card to pass out to spread the word: VOTE GREEN 2016.

Get involved in change --- Support Jill Stein and the Green Party. www.Jill2016.com

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