National Class Action Lawsuit Moves Forward Against DNC

A national class-action election fraud lawsuit against the DNC and (resigned) DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is moving forward, following an evidentiary hearing on Aug. 23rd in federal court in South Florida.

The suit includes six claims: Election fraud, negligent misrepresentation, deceptive conduct, failure of fiduciary duties by DNC officials, who acted as the right-arm of one candidate's campaign instead of remaining neutral, and negligence in failing to provide sufficient security of sensitive donor-base information. The suit also claims monetary damages, owed to Sanders' small-donor base that was forced to fight against the entire Democratic National Committee. The suit was filed by Beck & Lee Trial Lawyers - Jaren Beck, a Harvard graduate, and Elizabeth Lee Beck, a Yale graduate. They have previously filed successful lawsuits against Yelp, Unilever, Korea Airlines and fraudulent real estate investors. For court updates and details go here: DNC LAWSUIT. and continue to work to prove that indeed Bernie Sanders won the primary election, and is the rightful candidate for President of the United States.

Check out the work being done by -- by Cliff Arnebeck, the highly respected Election Integrity attorney and his long-time partner, Bob Fritakis, who are working to prove there was election fraud in the 2016 Democratic Primary in order to return the nomination to Bernie.
#DemocracySpring is trying to unify a National Election Reform movement. There is also a movement to open the primary elections in all 50 states. On Tuesday, (8/16/2016) the open primaries movement won a significant victory.
After a lengthy legal battle in which the Democratic Party of Hawaii sought to have Hawaii’s open primary system declared null and void, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in our favor, rejecting the Democratic Party’s desire to exclude independent and unaffiliated voters from voting in elections they pay for. Almost $450 million dollars of taxpayer funds were spent on the presidential primaries this year -- close to $2 million dollars in the state of Hawaii alone.
This is a huge legal victory. And we are working to explore and engage new avenues through which to challenge the legality of closed primaries and counter efforts to close open primaries.

43% of all Americans -- including 50% of millennial voters -- now identify as independent. Had they succeeded in their legal challenge, the Democratic and Republican parties would have been able to use this decision as a weapon to close the primaries to them in the dozens of states that conduct some form of open election.
70% of Americans now support open primaries. The momentum is with us. We won’t stop fighting until all Americans are given an equal stake in our democratic process and allowed the right to vote for who they want.
Jeremy Gruber
Senior Vice President
Open Primaries ---- facebook for updates. 

Because voting is considered a "privilege" states are able to, for instance, require a DMV photo identification and then close all of the DMV offices within a 60 mile radius of poor and minority communities.
There is a strong move backwards in this country to remove millions of people from state poll records, especially via past-felony convictions. In 33 states there are new laws and in California, the vote was seriously suppressed by way of election "rules."
Especially in 2016, it became apparent that people with "no party preference" had no voice at all in the presidential elections via "election rules" imposed by states, and via the biased actions of insider-establishment Democrats partisanly in favor of Hillary Clinton and against Bernie Sanders as the presidential candidate.
Everyone needs to go and become election observers. There was massive purging of the ballot in areas around colleges and universities, and in areas like Brooklyn, that were obviously strongholds for Bernie Sanders voters... Exit polls were abandoned by mainstream media prior to California.
There are state election officials, who should be challenged and held accountable. For instance, whole boxes of uncounted ballots have been discovered in warehouses that lacked any security and were not counted.
The voting machines are a real issue. Private for-profit companies are handling our registration, database building and election results preparation. We can not even get INTERNATIONAL MONITORING of our USA elections because "they do not meet the minimum standards" set for fair elections.
These voting machines with predatory software that can not be audited are a serious issue. They have been banned in Germany and Ireland. The entire election was thrown out in Austria because of a lack of transparency, and a lack of voter observers. 
‪#‎ElectionIntegrity‬ is the single-greatest issue we face as a democracy. Without election integrity, we are not a democracy... what is the point in voting if your vote does not count?
‪#‎ElectionFraud‬ and ‪#‎VoterSuppression‬.
Voting suppression and Voter fraud will not be tolerated, lets work together to change this! Please share far and wide.

Voting is called a "right" in the USA but even after four constitutional amendments and a now (failed) Voting Rights Act, voting is still only a privilege, and elections in the USA do not meet the basic standards for "fair elections" according to international election integrity watch groups. 

Until voting becomes the right and not the "privilege" of every citizen, the two major - corrupted political parties will continue to throw up roadblocks that disenfranchise voters, who are not loyal to the Republican or Democratic parties, and they will get away with endless gerrymandering of congressional districts along party lines, etc.

SIGN THE PETITION IN YOUR STATE: We are petitioning in all 50 states for OPEN PRIMARIES.

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