Clinton Calls Sanders Supporters Basement-Dwellers

When your mom pays your way while slamming Bernie Sanders supporters as "Basement-Dwellers" -- There is little wonder why she barely beats a GOP buffoon in national polls and is losing in many swing states! 

As a Bernie supporter, she says I am "a child of the recession living in my parent's basement." #BasementDwellers Really? That will be some news to my 90 year old mother who lives with me. --- Rhonda Churchill, Oklahoma. 

Hillary and her insiders are ARROGANT and DISMISSIVE! I am 66 - my mom is 92 and we were #NeverHillary from Day One! -- Mary Jo Pezzi, Florida 

Hillary Clinton has never been a good fit for Bernie Sanders' supporters as a second choice. His campaign was launched by the Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) side of the Democratic Party, that has struggled for years to reclaim the soul of the party, which once lived up to being "the working man's party." 

Many liberal-progressive Democrats hated to hear Clinton, calling herself "A Progressive, who likes to get things done!"  

-- "It felt like an insult, especially coming from the co-founder of the 3rd-way 'New Democrats' that control the party platform via massive campaign and party contributions from the global finance industry." - Mary Jo Pezzi, Florida. 

Clinton portrays voters, who favor Senator Sanders as "Children of the Great Recession, living in their parents' basement." [POLITICO - 9/30/2016.]

No. 1 twitter hashtag today: #BasementDwellers 

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#NeverHillary #CorruptHillary - #ReleaseTheTranscripts of those three "talks" to Goldman Sachs for $675,000 in personal wealth! 

#PayToPlay #CrookedHillary Conflict of Interest!

The Banksters & Defense Industry promote endless wars for profit and power via campaign and political party contributions. 

The makeover of the US government, from protecting the people to representing the wealthiest people in the USA and the world was a bipartisan effort that involved Republicans and the "New Democrats" and MONEY IN POLITICS. Click Here To Watch "Heist"

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The Trump campaign and supporters were quick to pounce on the opportunity provided by the leaked audio, recorded at a Clinton fundraiser in Virginia. 

"WELCOME #BASEMENTDWELLERS!!! WE #DEPLORABLES WELCOME YOU WITH OPEN ARMS TO OUR BIG, BEAUTIFUL BASKET!!!  -- Referencing Clinton's fear-tactic at a rally, claiming that 50% of Trump's supporters are a "basket of deplorables" that he would "unleash" if he ever became President of the United States.

Which #Never Hillary Are YOU?

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