Hillary Clinton Represents Everything Voters Hate

Nov. 2, 2016  "No Toss-Up" map of Electoral College Votes based on national polls. 

Nov. 2, 2016 -- If Donald Trump wins, Hillary Clinton deserves the blame because she knocked out Bernie Sanders through backstabbing and sabotage. Hillary Clinton represents the Washington DC status-quo that is hated by both Democrats and Republicans. That's why Senator Bernie Sanders was the best nominee to run against the other insurgent candidate, Donald Trump.

But the DNC would not stand for a grassroots "outsider" eager to lead a movement, first of all to get big-money out of elections.

So the Democrats fought off their own insurgent candidate from the inside --- working with the mainstream media to smear Sanders, broadcasting that he had little-to-no-chance to overcome "superdelegate" insiders and paid lobbyists etc, who had cast their vote for the status-quo candidate long before the first voter was allowed to vote in the primary. There are still pending lawsuits against the DNC and insider-political leaders.

Senator Sanders was ready to lead a political revolution to demand real changes to address health care costs, education costs, and the climate crisis. But the answer from the "establishment" Democrats was NO - They chose the endless federal lobbyist money, and went with backing the Fracking - Pipeline - Obamacare candidate.

Now the other insurgent candidate, who is a loud-mouthed reality TV host and billionaire real estate developer, is winning... because he is promising to get lobbyist money out of elections, and promising to stand against "free trade" agreements and promising to fix health care... and education and end "regime-change" warfare.

The Democratic Party will want to blame Bernie Sanders voters, who refused to vote for Hillary Clinton... They will want to blame Jill Stein and the Green Party for bothering to exist as a third-party alternative in the United States. But the Democrats will only have themselves to blame, and the crooked way that they forced Hillary Clinton onto the ticket.

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