We Needed A Bernie Sanders Presidency, But Trump May Rebuild Our Infrastructure

Donald Trump's insurgency victory from the left of status-quo centrist Hillary Clinton blew up both national parties. After defeating 16 long-time Republicans earlier in the year, he continued to wage a war for working-class Americans that sounded much like Bernie Sanders' battle cry against income inequality, a lack of jobs' protection; a fight against the global free-trade agreements like NAFTA, and the "regime-change" foreign policies that plunge us into endless wars. 

The pollsters and the corporate media got it all wrong, and the world woke up in shock on Wed. Nov. 9th.. 

Then there was the other headline on the New York Times, "The Populist Fury That May Damage Global Prosperity" aka the 1% at the top in the USA have gotten fantastically rich via global investments in cheap foreign labor manufacturing and the industrial defense complex -- and hopefully that is about to change -- because the 99% in America have not gotten rich. The 99% have watched millions of jobs be offshored and trillions of dollars be offshored in the name of profit and tax-avoidance! 

The jobs went away in the name of "global prosperity," or in other words, to avoid paying American (once unionized) workers a decent wage .. and trillions of dollars have been offshored by US-based corporations that found convenient IRS loopholes that allowed them to establish Cayman Island home-offices (sometimes 10,000 with the same building address!) 

It's estimated by looking at federal and state legislation that the "donations" paid to the big political parties and to individual politicians have a 200% to as much as a 2000% ROI -- return on investment -- via legislation that caters to the 1% while ignoring the real needs of the 99%. 

No One in the USA Should Be OK With This: The Democrats represent the CEO's that now rake in 400 times the annual income of their average workers compared to CEO's in other countries that rake in earnings that are 11 times to 50 times the median income of their workers. 

watch the video.

Tinkering Around The Edges Won't Fix America - both parties have favored endless wars over domestic spending on infrastructure, education, healthcare etc.

Bernie Sanders Warned The Democrats back in May 2016, during the primary elections. He told "establishment" Democrats they would have to choose between big-money interests or representing the working and middle class. 

Nov. 9, 2016 -- Senator Sanders told the LA Times that he and Progressives are ready and willing to work with Trump if he is serious about wanting to improve the lives of working families -- but they will not tolerate bigotry. Real the story.   

Who Killed FDR's New Deal in favor of US-Global Government? - It was a bipartisan effort -- watch the short documentary "Heist."

I voted for Senator Bernie Sanders in the rigged Democratic Party primary. Then I made a #Demexit and voted for Jill Stein, Election2016 to join hands with the Green Party all over the world. 

But I will have an open mind, and I will urge President Donald Trump to put Americans to work to rebuild our failing outdated infrastructure. I will urge President Trump to adopt Healthcare as a RIGHT for everyone in the USA --- because we are the only top nation, where 600,000 people go bankrupt every year due to unpaid medical bills and the majority of those people had "insurance" when they first became sick or injured... I will also urge President Trump to look fairly and with a big heart at the 11 million people, who live in the USA without legal status. Say a little prayer for American Democracy... we need to make big changes. Let's hope that we are able to embrace positive change and not be forced to fight against negative changes. 

But because Clinton and Trump both ignored the need to stop FRACKING, I will continue to help expand the Green Party in my area so we can push for positive change that benefits People - Planet & Peace. The Green Party is rightfully against any more 40-year financial investments in pipelines to carry fracked-oil and tar-sands oil across 28 states to be processed in the Gulf States for US EXPORT to CHINA etc. The Green Party is against selling off and leasing national park land to be destroyed in the name of corporate-profits. 

Margaret Flowers speaking
about health-care reform
Nov. 9, 2016 -- "Last night the DC elites were sent a message of rejection," said Margaret Flowers, Green Party candidate for US Senate from Maryland.

"Most people in the United States are struggling in an economy designed for the wealthy by the elites of both establishment parties ... While Wall Street, Walmart and the war machine have benefited in recent decades, the people are struggling with low wages, outrageous health care expenses, a failing infrastructure, rising debt - especially for millennials - and a host of other grievances.

"People are exhausted from an expensive military that drains the budget for endless wars.... Last night they voted for change, but the change they voted will not bring the change people need. Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans will save us. It is up to us to build real political power." 

 Read about the work that continues for the Green Party. 

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