Nov. 7th: Clinton 272 vs Trump 266 Electoral Votes

         On the eve of Election 2016, the two most disliked candidates in modern history share a gap of only 6 electoral votes. Real Clear Politics "No Toss Ups" map.

The Green Party comes the closest to what I believe in. The Greens are especially against the #EndlessWars - #Fracking and #TPP = The Greens stand with #BernieSanders on making college education accessible to everyone who graduates from high school, and making Healthcare a RIGHT ... we are the only nation, where 600,000 people go bankrupt every year due to unpaid medical expenses and the majority had "insurance" when they became sick or injured.

Jill Stein is the only candidate for president, willing to go to Standing Rock, North Dakota in support of the Water Protectors. #NoDAPL 
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